Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Summer's End

Friday is almost over. Kids are asleep and so is the other 1/2 of this husband and wife pair, I might add. My house is extremely quiet right now which is nice, but kind of wierd. No T.V., no sounds of children playing, no washing machine/dryer running, nothing but the sound of my daughter's classical bedtime music CD playing softly over the baby monitor in my room. And I think it's on the last song now. Before I turn in, I wanted to remember this week. I purposely tried to get stuff done at school last Friday and 1st thing Monday morning so that it might allow me these last full days at home and with my children. Undistracted as much as possible. I planned a couple of fun activities for us, but mostly we just spent our time at home together swimming, playing, cleaning, etc...just normal days, I guess. Tuesday night, a swim party for a friend, and then Wednesday, I took the boys and my nephew, Owen Thomas, bowling and then to lunch. Owen Thomas was so proud because this was his first time to bowl and he won! I was glad he won. Jonah enjoyed this day especially since it allowed him to skip naptime. (Yes, this child still takes/needs a daily nap!) And wouldn't you know it, but I forgot to take my camera AGAIN!! What is wrong with me?! :-) So, I don't have a picture of our bowling fun. (I don't have a smartphone, and my almost 3 year old phone doesn't take the best quality pics.)

Then, at the last minute, we were invited to go and play a game of LaserQuest with the Dawsons on Thursday, and I just couldn't say no even if it meant over-indulging my boys. Two days of FUN and GAMES...WOW! They better enjoy it now! Next week means a change for Mommy and the end of these consecutive days of fun!

I asked my boys tonight as they ate their dinner and settled in to watch the movie they had chosen for Movie Night, "Well, boys, do you think you've had a good summer?" I was glad to hear a big "YES!" as their response. :-)

Next summer, I have an idea to make a SUMMER FUN budget and "Fun Things To-Do List" and see how that goes. Maybe have them save up their own money for things they know they want to do. (Gotta work in some responsibility in this, right? Momma's pocketbook isn't a bottomless money pit, you know? Plus, I have just recently started a new household budget idea, and I'd like to try to teach them to budget, too.)

As I reflect on this summer, most of all, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my children, their health, and the time we have had together. I am thankful to have the job I have where I can spend the summer days with my children. Thankful to God for keeping us safe this summer as we did so many things.
It is laid upon my heart to just write out the prayer I pray right now, so..
Thank you, God, for these summer days you have allowed us to enjoy together. Help me to always remember to cherish every day with them and to cloak them in prayer everyday. If it is Your will, I ask that You protect them from destruction, disease, and injury, Lord. I pray for the teachers they will each have this year, that You will give them wisdom, patience, and guidance. I ask the same for myself, Lord, as I teach the students You have chosen for me to teach this year. I know that You have already laid out the paths we will travel in this life on Earth, and I ask You for guidance, as a mother and teacher, that I might not hinder my children's growth (or the children I teach) as Christians, but lead them in a life where they will know You and desire to serve You with the talents You have given to them. I place my faith in You to see all of us and our friends and family, too, through this next school year safely. Thank You for Your many undeserved blessings upon us. I do not fear tomorrow because I know You are already there. Amen.

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