Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's Go!

All we go. One work week down for me, and everybody else starts this week. Here's my boys with their new backpacks stuffed with school supplies!

We actually had a good time shopping for supplies this year. I usually tackle the school supply shopping job on my own, but this year the boys helped me shop. Then they "pooled" their birthday money (Jonah's) and Summer Reading Reward money (John Owen's) and picked out a new wii game, Donkey Kong Country Returns! Admittedly, they were more excited about the wii game than the school supplies. :-)

We are ready then, I guess! We know who are teachers are going to be, and we are sooo excited! John Owen got to meet his teacher and spent some time in his classroom meeting classmates this past Wed., but Jonah won't meet his teacher until this Tuesday. (They stagger start days for Kindergarten, so everyone will not start full time until next Monday, August 15th. Gotta ease into this, right?)

2011-2012 school year, here we come! Hope everyone has a wonderful year!

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