Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tales from Summer 2014

Jonah went to his first football camp this summer. I was so proud of him! He loved it! Future football player??

Not the best quality picture, but we are still trying to keep up with running. It's hard with busy schedules, but somehow, we are managing to train for another marathon. Last fall, the marathon we had been training for was cancelled due to ice. I got very sick with a staph infection in my nose and ended up having nasal surgery in January. It was a little bit of a setback especially when after recovering form the surgery, I sprained my ankle while running a trail race. I was in a boot for a few weeks. I am slowly, but surely getting back in to a routine. St. Jude marathon is Dec 6th!! Jan and I would like to run it together. :)

Yes, that's me. Yes, I am riding a roller coaster called the Tennessee Twister. Yes, I was probably the only person screaming loudly. The picture says it all. Need I say more?

Two handsome fellas waiting in line to ride the rides at Dollywood.

One tired little girl after a week at VBS in June. Fell asleep at the dinner table in her chair...

Here they go! These boys live for thrill rides!

Acting the part...:)

John Owen and his relay team paused for a picture after they had just won their event. Great swimmers!

My three triathlon competitors! Great job, guys!

Mimi and Mary Claire enjoyed some fireworks and snuggles after the Stars and Stripes 5k.

This just SCREAMS personality, right? Well, this girl's got plenty of it. :)

Mary Claire and me at the 4th of July celebration at church. It was a little smoky, but the fireworks were AWESOME!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A New School Year!

Mary Claire started to kindergarten! I can't believe that I'm typing those words...
(Our baby is growing up.)

And the boys are excited about 5th and 3rd grade!           
While I can't believe Mary Claire is in Kindergarten, I REALLY have a hard time believing this guy is is 5th grade now! Seems like yesterday I held his hand to walk down the Kindergarten hallway. He is becoming a wonderful, smart, handsome young man. (Gosh, it's too emotional typing all of this.)

And the best part of an oreo, the middle child, started to 3rd grade! My sweet Jonah...:)

Hope everyone has a great 2014-2015 school year!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer...Not Yet a Distant Memory

What a summer! A blessed summer for which I am thankful...
Thankful for moments such as these:
Mary Claire participated in her 1st triathlon this summer! She got 3rd place in her age group!
Look! We have another swimmer in the family!:)
Mary Claire did great for ther 1st swim team season.
Cutest swimmer in (and out) of the water!
In July we took a little trip to the Biltmore in North Carolina. Beautiful and amazing are the two words that come to mind when I think of this historical mansion and property. Will never know what it's like to live that lifestyle, but that's o.k. God has blessed me with the life I live, and for that, I am THANKFUL!!
Just a candid shot of these people I love taking trips with...:)
See, I was there!!
Thank you, Jonah for taking the picture. Mary Claire, see what you look like when you act that way?:)
The only child that would pose by the statue entering the grand mansion!
Finally, everyone is smiling! Love these kiddos with all my heart!
Honestly, I don't know where he gets it...haha
John Owen learning to enjoy games from another era. What?! No video games were around?
After the Biltmore, we met up with my mom at Dollywood and had a blast riding roller coasters!
My kids love some rides!
However, in my "old" age, I have developed a dislike for the rockin' and rollin' roller coasters in such a way that I scream so loudly and make the worst faces (with pictures to prove it) on these rides. But I endure the fear for time well spent with my children and memories they will forever treasure (ha!) of their dear mother screaming her head off. :) Why must they find so much amusement in torturing me?
To be continued...