Friday, August 24, 2012

Before School Talk | iMOM

I know I have posted about iMOM before, but if you are reading this and you haven't subscribed to the iMOM emails, let me encourage you to check it out. I have found that most of the topics are very helpful and relevant to my "Mom Life". :)
If you are a mom, you might like it, too!
Below is the link to the latest topic. I printed the ideas so that I can reference them before we set off on our "morning commute". Have a great weekend!

Before School Talk | iMOM

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where,Oh Where...

did my "baby" girl go?
Mary Claire is so excited about starting Pre-K next Monday. We attended Open House at her school last night and she insisted on carrying her backpack with her.:)
She enjoyed meeting her teacher, Mrs. Megan.
And making a new friend, Landell.
(I just love his shirt.)
She visited her classroom and played so much that she didn't really want to leave!
 Holding Daddy's hand as she enters her school!
This is turning back.
Time marches on.
Where did my baby go?:)