Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Superheroes

"Superman Jonah"

My Two Superheroes and Super Daddy

"Up, Up and Away!"

There once were two superheroes named John Owen and Jonah

Who lived in a house with their Daddy and Momma.

These two brothers loved saving the world-one bad guy at a time!

They possessed such great strength fighting at each other's side.

One day the "Evil Strep" and "Tonsils" tried to take the brothers on

But to no avail for the brothers said, "You, Tonsils, be gone!"

So with bravery and stamina they took the "Tonsils" OUT

They braved the "Needles" and the "Medicine" and the "Strangers" standing about.

It was a battle of gigantic proportions and they seemed to lose their way.

The brothers soon found themselves separated along the way.

Now, not being side-by-side through the whole thing was not fun

They were more scared and worried, one brother for the other one.

When their strength was nearing weakness, their Daddy and Momma appeared

They encouraged them to not give up--there was nothing to fear!

Well, the two were finally united. Oh what joy to see them smile!

To see the strength from each other's presence as they rested together for a while.

Rested side-by-side for their work had been done

They took on the "Evil Strep" and "Tonsils", and the Superheroes won!

Superheroes Reunite!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

This creation by Phil Ramsey is just great!! I just wanted to share this with each of you! I am so proud of my little girl! I am also proud to even know someone so talented as Phil Ramsey! Phil Ramsey is a friend that I have known most all my life & I am very proud of! With that being said - - this is something he did with the pictures that he took during a session with Mary Claire... the work he creates just playing around shows that this is a God Given Talent!! If you have time go to and click on the many places that he can take you during his photo sessions! He truly has an amazing talent! We are blessed to have a Great Christian Business man in our community! As a person with no artistic talent - I appreatiate the talents others have! We have so much talent in our local community! I really feel that Phil is just now starting to touch the true potential he has been given by God! It just seems as you view all of his artistic creations that it brings a feeling in your heart & mind - - almost to make you feel you are there in the images! Please don't tell him I posted this because my nick name for him is "BIG HEAD"! The nick name is not because he is a proud, boastful person, but just because his head is BIG! I surely wouldn't want to swell it up any worse. Ha!Ha!
Jan W. Hensley

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monkey On My Back

Well, I promised there would be a post about Jonah's monkey suit, so here it is! Ya'll know the phrase, "monkey on my back", that we often use to describe something in life that no matter what we do, we can't seem to rid our lives of it. That phrase literally fits in a GOOD way, I guess, with Jonah and his desire to run around the house dressed in his monkey suit. Now, don't misunderstand this post to be of a complaining nature because I honestly think he's just too cute and I absolutely love that he LOVES to dress as a monkey. I am AMAZED at his imagination! He calls me his "Monkey Mommy" and he'll ask me to fix him some bananas or he'll express his dislike for what I have fixed him by saying,"Monkeys don't like that." To which I have so often replied, "But my 'Jonah Monkey' does!" And that usually works. Everytime I turn around he's asking for my help in putting on that monkey suit. Oh...and we've had lots of "monkey time" lately since both boys have been home from school several more days than normal in our quest with strep throat!

Jonah and his blue "Baby Monkey" in his hands

I have sewn the tail three times, washed it after he spilled oatmeal and other various things on it (but not without a thorough explanation of why he had to wash it), warned and pleaded with him to not use my bed posts for his monkey tricks, and even allowed him to wear it to the church gym because I was pickin' and choosin' my battles that day. hehe I have sung monkey songs at home and in the car. I have carried that monkey around on my back literally, and spent more time acting like a monkey than I could have ever imagined. All because it makes Jonah happy! I bought that monkey suit as a Halloween costume for John Owen when he was 2 1/2 years old and Jonah was only 3 months old! At the time, I would have never thought it would bring us to this! And I'll sew it a million times if it means I get to see Mary Claire wearing it in a couple of years! That monkey suit is one to remember cause it has brought my boys (and me) so much happiness. It's a GOOD "monkey on my back", I guess! I am a little sad to think that one day he'll not think about the monkey suit and how much fun we had running around acting like monkeys! So, for today...Yes, Jonah, you can wear your monkey suit and "Monkey Mommy" will go and fix her "Baby Monkey" another banana to eat.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Words and Their Meanings

Well, I guess that you could say my dad received a good report and a bad report today. I tell you what, reading the words they use on those reports doesn't make it very easy to understand. Words and their meanings...BIG words that I am not sure of their meanings!

But out of all those BIG words, there was one word I understood...cancer. Dad said the doctors are calling this cancer...very early stage, though. The mass does not look to have matastasized (spelling?) so they will be sending him to a pulmonologist next week for a biopsy and further evaluation. Mom and Dad both came over tonight as I fixed supper to explain to Jan and me what the doctor said and what it all means. I watched carefully my dad's face as he went through the explanation of it all. And I wondered if he could sense my nervousness. (I hoped he didn't.) He's been through alot in the last few years, and I have faith that God's not finished working in his life. (Or mine) It's been almost two years ago that I wasn't sure I could believe in anything and especially in what was happening in my dad's life and addiction, another word I have begun to try to understand. And why it had happened. It began much like this situation has begun...with shock and fear. Yet, through it all, I can honestly say there is an overwhelming sense of peace as there was two years ago. Peace that I know can only come from my knowing and believing that God's got control of it all. There's a reason for this, I keep telling myself. And if there's something good to come of it, I pray God will allow my eyes and heart to be open to His plan. It could mean that I may never see the good that will come of this trial we face, but that won't stop me from believing that good will come.'s a word I'm still having trouble processing at the moment, but just like addiction, it's probably got something to teach me about what it means.
Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer Requests

I am thankful for the friends and family that I know keep up with us through this blog. And for the new friends and "blogging family" that I have since starting this blog! I come to you today with a need for your prayers. I have been carrying this around for several days and was afraid to mention it because my mother wanted to wait until we knew more, but then the thought occurred to me that by not telling those closest to me and asking them to pray, it was almost like asking them NOT to pray! And I am a believer in prayer and its power! So, I am requesting that you please remember my dad today in your prayers as he undergoes a CAT scan to further investigate a small mass that his doctor found on one of his lungs last week. I would ask that you pray that the mass not be of a malignant nature and that the doctor will be able to diagnose and treat whatever it may be. And pray for my mom. I know she is worried much more than she will ever allow others to know.

Thank you so much. I'll post an update when we know more about this.
Oh, and please say a little prayer for my two boys. They will BOTH be having tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies next Sat. A wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day, I know! It's VERY nerve-wracking to think of both of my babies being put to sleep for surgery! And then 2 weeks of recovery. Thank you so much for your prayers.