Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Tale of Two Superheroes

"Superman Jonah"

My Two Superheroes and Super Daddy

"Up, Up and Away!"

There once were two superheroes named John Owen and Jonah

Who lived in a house with their Daddy and Momma.

These two brothers loved saving the world-one bad guy at a time!

They possessed such great strength fighting at each other's side.

One day the "Evil Strep" and "Tonsils" tried to take the brothers on

But to no avail for the brothers said, "You, Tonsils, be gone!"

So with bravery and stamina they took the "Tonsils" OUT

They braved the "Needles" and the "Medicine" and the "Strangers" standing about.

It was a battle of gigantic proportions and they seemed to lose their way.

The brothers soon found themselves separated along the way.

Now, not being side-by-side through the whole thing was not fun

They were more scared and worried, one brother for the other one.

When their strength was nearing weakness, their Daddy and Momma appeared

They encouraged them to not give up--there was nothing to fear!

Well, the two were finally united. Oh what joy to see them smile!

To see the strength from each other's presence as they rested together for a while.

Rested side-by-side for their work had been done

They took on the "Evil Strep" and "Tonsils", and the Superheroes won!

Superheroes Reunite!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! I hope everyone is recovering well!


Laura Dawson said...

I bet they are the only 2 brothers to arrive in superhero outfits for surgery!

Christi said...

Now you should take that, add a few more scenes for length, an illustrator and print that sucker up!!!

~lillie~ said...

that is the sweetest, cutest little story i've heard in a while. it warms my heart to see how close your boys are; i watch kyle and chase grow closer to each other everyday! hope everyone is better now.

Kendra said...

So cute!