Monday, February 16, 2009

Isn't She Lovely

This creation by Phil Ramsey is just great!! I just wanted to share this with each of you! I am so proud of my little girl! I am also proud to even know someone so talented as Phil Ramsey! Phil Ramsey is a friend that I have known most all my life & I am very proud of! With that being said - - this is something he did with the pictures that he took during a session with Mary Claire... the work he creates just playing around shows that this is a God Given Talent!! If you have time go to and click on the many places that he can take you during his photo sessions! He truly has an amazing talent! We are blessed to have a Great Christian Business man in our community! As a person with no artistic talent - I appreatiate the talents others have! We have so much talent in our local community! I really feel that Phil is just now starting to touch the true potential he has been given by God! It just seems as you view all of his artistic creations that it brings a feeling in your heart & mind - - almost to make you feel you are there in the images! Please don't tell him I posted this because my nick name for him is "BIG HEAD"! The nick name is not because he is a proud, boastful person, but just because his head is BIG! I surely wouldn't want to swell it up any worse. Ha!Ha!
Jan W. Hensley


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! She is gorgeous!

Laura Dawson said...

she is gorgeous...Phil was right in his comments!

Paige's Place said...

amazing. what a beautiful little princess