Friday, April 30, 2010

Why I Love Spring

I can't believe that I haven't posted in a long while, but the title of this post should partially explain my absence from the blogging world. Since Spring arrived, we have been outside every chance we've had! Riding bikes, walking (more like racing each other around the cove in our neighborhood...that's what happens when you have two BOYS ages 6 and 4 with lots of energy!), picnics, zoo trip, nature trail...WHEW! We love it! All 3 kiddos have scraped knees and elbows. Mary Claire now takes off from me and yells, "Run!" :-) Oh well, just one of those things that comes with getting outside in the beautiful weather. That's just one reason I love this season...getting outside after weeks of being "held captive" by the cold temps of winter. Here are some pictures from what we've done so far this spring. (Since I'm catching up, these are also pictures from our Spring Break.)

Adventures at the nature trail
But where is Jonah?
Oh, there he is! Throwing rocks in the water of course!

It's inevitable that we ALL have to get in on the throwing of rocks in the water!

I'll just get a closer look, Mom!
She most certainly enjoyed the sea lion show at the zoo!

Mimi and Mary Claire watching the sea lions perform

                                         Who are these children and where is the adult in charge? :-)
Oh, those would be my sweet darlings who stripped down to as much as I would allow them to. And before you start to judge me...I did not bring the boys a change of clothes, and I did not want to hear the complaining when they got wet. So, better to bear it all to strangers than walk around the zoo the rest of the day in wet clothing.
Note to self: Next time, pack their swim suits. They loved the geysers at the Teton Trek!

I snapped this shot of John Owen because this was something he's never done before on our trips to the zoo.
He stopped and read every engraved proverb on the rock walls as we walked through the exhibit. He is such a good reader, and I am very proud of the big boy he is becoming!
John Owen or Marco Polo?
Jonah's new thing this time was his insistance on being in charge of the zoo map. (Never mind the fact that he can't read yet!) He seems to be such a "take charge type" little person. Hmm...wonder where he got that from?
I like reading maps! Maybe he got THAT from me!
We enjoyed our zoo day very much!

Another reason I love this season!
Both boys are playing this year which has resulted in our being at the ball field every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday AND Friday nights so far. Mary Claire now asks for "hot dog" as soon as she sees the grill by the concession stand, and I have resorted to allowing her more than her fair share of time spent digging in the dirt and rocks in order to keep her entertained during ballgames!
Note to self: No more white sweaters or cute outfits worn to the ballpark! A t-shirt and tennis shoes she will wear!!
I only have some pictures of John Owen in action due to the fact that I am coaching Jonah's team and no one has taken over the responsibility of picture-taking for me yet! Jan, honey, that's a hint!:-)

John Owen is the youngest person in his league with a birthday that falls 5 days short of the age cut-off. But despite this, he shows true talent for playing. His coach has recently moved him up in the batting order (to lead-off  hitter!)because he has shown such consistency in putting the bat on the ball. I am looking forward to watching him play!

(I feel awful, but I will definitely get pictures of Jonah the next time he plays!)

O.K. ,so I have saved the most important reason for why I love Spring for last!

You see, it was a beautiful Spring day...April 25, 2003 to be exact, when John Owen entered this world and changed my life forever! I am so glad God gave him to me, and I tell him this every night before he goes to sleep and every other chance I get.  We're so glad he celebrated his 7th birthday, and what a special celebration it was! We kicked it off with lunch from Sonic, cupcakes with his classmates and a "free ice cream" coupon at school on Friday!

Can someone tell me if there's a "silly button" that's pushed when they hit 7 years old?
Cause' I have seen a definite increase in the silliness lately! Oh boy!

John Owen chose to invite 3 friends (and his brother) to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D for his birthday on Sunday. Here's the crew! Carter B. to the left of John Owen and Hunter, Joseph and Jonah to his right. Such a cute group of boys!

This was the view from inside the movie theater. They were terribly cute in their 3D glasses and yelled out when things seemed to be flying at their heads!

Well, that about wraps it up! Thanks for bearing with me through this longer than normal post as I try to catch up on what we've been up to and what I want to remember most about this past month. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring as much as we are!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

"Everyone smile!!"
We have spent the last several days doing things in preparation for our Easter celebration tomorrow. Jonah had his egg hunt at school on Tuesday and he found one more than the limit of eggs alloted for each student. He graciously gave his "extra" egg up, and then received a special egg from the Easter bunny who was visiting!

John Owen's Easter festivities at school took place on Wednesday. When I asked him about how he did at the egg hunt, he replied, "Good, but the eggs weren't hidden, Mom. They were just spread out everywhere!" Guess he was looking for more of a challenge. ?

We spent Good Friday (and our day off from school and work) shopping for new shoes in Memphis and visiting my grandmother and aunt in Somerville. We stopped along the way to buy grandmother some of her geraniums! Some people on the side of the road were selling some of the most beautiful geraniums I have ever seen. My mom just went on and on about them. (She loves geraniums, too!) :-)
I was glad my mom was with us. She always makes the trip (shopping trip and ride in the car) better! Thanks, Mom!
It was a beautiful day! When we got home we made our Easter cupcakes! Then I spent the night pressing and steaming our clothes for tomorrow's service and for the upcoming work week. (Hmm...not sure everyone reading this will consider that an eventful Friday night, but hey, this is the story of my life now!) :-)

I awoke a couple of times to the loud crashing of thunder early this morning. Truthfully, I don't have a clue what time it woke me for I was too exhausted to turn over to see the clock. The result of the storm was that the Easter egg hunt planned at our church's Easter celebration had to be moved inside. Nevertheless, all 3 of my kiddos enjoyed it!

Mary Claire working on her "Jesus is Alive" coloring page!

Jonah listening intently(notice the look) to the story of the colored bracelet he was making.

John Owen having fun making a colorful cross!

Don't you love the grace and style exhibited in this picture?
I was quite impressed at her skills at such a young age. :-)

She even shook it!
And I think once she realized these were just eggs, she decided maybe she'd move on to something else!

We have had great fun this week, but my prayer is that my children will know or come to know the REAL reason we celebrate Easter. A reason that should not be lost amongst all the excitement of bunnies, eggs, candy, etc. I leave you with some meaningful words from a song sung at our Easter musical last Sunday...

"I think about the day He died, the way that He was crucified and how He came to set the sinner free.
I know the story inside out and I can tell you all about the path that led Him up to Calvary.
But ask me why He loves me, and I don't know what to say...
But I'll never be the same because He changed my life when He became everything to me!"
(Everything to Me, Nicole Mullen)

I hope Jesus is everything to you, too! He lives!
Happy Easter!