Monday, October 27, 2014

Fort Morgan-October 2014

Spending our fall break at the beach proved to be very relaxing! Just what we needed...
We soaked up the sun, made some new friends from other states, celebrated "Daddy Nick's" 67th birthday, went crab hunting, ate some great seafood, watched some beautiful sunsets and soaked up the sun!! This family loves the beach!

More pictures to come! :) So many pictures, so little time...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A First for Our Last

Well, we never dreamed it would hit us like it did, but Mary Claire losing her 1st tooth last Thursday night had Jan and me in tears. Yes, tears shed over a lost tooth because our last baby was losing her 1st tooth. That's a BIG DEAL, right? I guess it is to us...

Putting her tooth in her tooth fairy pillow!

Excited to see what the Tooth Fairy will bring!
The Tooth Fairy delivered a gold dollar coin...She was so excited and told the principal at school as she entered, "I lost my tooth, and I got a gold quarter!" :)
Cherish the moments!