Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last Saturday, we held a surprise party for Jan's dad, Mr. Jimmie. He turned 70, and we tried to celebrate this milestone in his life in a special way. Jan pretty much orchestrated the surprise plan...He would take his Dad to the new cowboy hat place on the square to pick up his new cowboy hat while everyone arrived at our house. We would have all the food ready and be in our places when they returned for the BIG SURPRISE! Christi made the cake (see her handywork below), we ordered BBQ, and everyone brought a little something to go with the BBQ. As usual, we had ALOT of food. Everyone arrived on time except the birthday "boy". hehe I'll spare you that story. Let's just say we were all waiting and waiting and waiting and an hour later then expected, Jan pulled into the driveway with his dad. He said later that when his dad saw all the cars, he hung his head and knew right away "what was up". :-) Surprise!

Mary Claire and cousin Bella waiting on Granddaddy to arrive!

This picture is so blurry! Sorry! But it's the only one I got as he entered the front door.

I am so glad this shot was not out of focus. This is Mr. Jimmie hugging his baby sister, Nellita. She drove from Mississippi, and we were so glad she came. Mr. Jimmie teared up when he saw her standing there. (He purposely did not take off the sunglasses when he came in, and I knew he was hiding his eyes from us.)

Granddaddy Jimmie talking to his granddaughter, Jade, and her fiance. Probably asking her about the upcoming wedding plans! Two Hensley grandchildren getting married in the next 7 months!

Happy 70th Birthday, Granddaddy! We love you, and we wish you many more!

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