Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farewell for Now

We are spending the morning at the beach and pool here, and then we'll say our farewell to the beach. This has been a wonderful trip full of good times, relaxing times, scary moments, and laughs. We have enjoyed having Mimi and Daddy Nick with us for the trip. I don't know who enjoyed afternoon naps better, Daddy Nick or Mary Claire! :-) I always dread the last day...I love the beach! It seems as though the time flies when you are here, but I guess that's true of anytime when you are having FUN! I feel at home here. I know I'll be happy to be back home when we get there. Plus, home really is wherever these people are...

On our last night, we decided to go on a dolphin cruise.
Mary Claire getting a little help putting on her life jacket.

Mimi and Mary Claire on the boat and ready to see dolphins!

Flippers Restaurant at Bear Point Marina
This was the marina where our dolphin cruise was stationed.
(The food was really good, and the free homemade ice cream was a special treat.)

We saw dolphins! There was a baby dolphin, too, which made Mary Claire's day.
This cruise was very nice. Small, family-owned, only 16 people on board, and the kids got to "drive" the boat. I got some really good video, but the batteries on my camera were going out so these are the only shots I got. With the video, we got good footage of the dolphins jumping out of the water and playing in the wake of the boat. I would recommend this company to anyone...Skipper J's Dolphin Cruises in Orange Beach! Nice husband and wife team own and operate it.
Speaking of husband and wife team...
I love you, Jan! Thanks for being a wonderful husband and father. (My "teammate" for life!)
The adventure is never ending!
Now, I'm off to sink my toes in the sand one last time...

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