Monday, July 25, 2011

Close to Home

I have grown up in the city I live in. This is where I call "home". My parents moved from Somerville to Covington when I was 6 weeks old. That move would mark the last time I would live in the same city with my grandparents. You see, my maternal grandparents have roots in Somerville, where my almost 91 year old grandmother still lives. And Jackson, TN is where my paternal grandparents raised their family and lived their lives.

But tonight, my "Mamaw" whom my children call "Granny", is a little closer to "home". Her dementia has worsened in a way that the doctors didn't advise that she return to her assisted living in Jackson. Today, an ambulance transported her to Covington. I went to see her tonight, and honestly, I couldn't believe the progression in a week's time in this disease she has. I know she recognized me, and I know I saw her eyes light up when we made eye contact. I know she asked me about my children even though her speech has been greatly affected. I just simply told her that when I put Mary Claire to bed I told her we would get to go see Granny tomorrow morning and that Mary Claire responded with a big, excited smile! I think Granny smiled, too, when she heard that. I am sure she never imagined that she'd make this kind of move from the city she calls "home" to Covington, the city we call "home". Nevertheless, I am thankful she's here. Close to home so we can spend more time with her, take care of her, and love on her and vice versa. :-) I don't know what the future holds and I certainly don't know if this disease she has will improve or progress, but one thing I have learned in life is that it's out of my control anyway. So, we'll try to make each day count and be thankful for being closer together on Earth for as long as God allows. As you lift your prayers, I would ask that you please say a little prayer for her and for my dad, as I know this is probably hardest on him. Lots of decision-making, and watching his mother's state change so quickly has got to be heart breaking. One of the clearest things she said tonight was, "He, (and I think she even called him "Nicky", his childhood nickname), has been so sweet and tender." (I wish everyone could have seen how she looked at him when she made eye contact with him tonight. I think she almost cried.) Time has certainly turned the table, and now the child she took care of is taking care of her.


Kate said...

possibly the most beautiful post ever. Your sweet family has gone through so much lately. Saying a special for prayer for you all today. Especially Granny as she finds her place of rest.

Joyce Kay said...

Brought tears to my eyes. I will keep your family and especially your Daddy in my prayers. I remember my Grandma in her final moments on Daddy did all her could to care for her. The last month of her life my Daddy could do no more, my Grandma needed medical attention 24/7, so my Daddy had to make the hard decision to put Grandma in a Nursing Home something that he never wanted to do but knew there was no more that he could do for her at home. My Daddy had 7 brothers and sister, my Daddy was the oldest of 4 boys. It was very hard on my Daddy, and it was hard on me. To watch my strong Daddy, shed tears, watching his Mom - my Grandma pass away. I'm at peace knowing that my Grandma is in a much better place. No more suffering, no more tears, just days full of happiness that we could never know down here on earth. I also have the promise of seeing her again. "Heaven Sounds Sweeter All The Time." Praying for all of you.

Emily said...

So sweet! That disease is terrible but those sweet people that suffer from it are the sweetest little people. They are so innocent! Kirk's grandmother had Alzheimer's / dementia and it was heart breaking. We will be praying for your grandmother tonight!