Monday, July 4, 2011

Breakthrough at the Beach

Breakthrough, in that Mary Claire now seems to be opening up to the feel of the SAND!!! Can you believe MY child does not like the idea of white sand between her toes?! Let me back this story up a bit...Last year, she wouldn't walk barefoot in the grass, and we discovered this while having professional family pictures made. It made for one miserable FUN photo session with her screaming every time we tried to get a shot of her in her sweet white dress, barefoot with the rest of us. Whew! I was worn out after that session. And when we brought her to the beach last summer, we quickly realized she held the same feelings for the soft, white sand. As a result, we took turns carrying her around lest she show everyone how she feels...and we wouldn't want to ruin anyone else's vacation, now would we? :-) But, I am happy to announce that TODAY after much diligence and patience (maybe), she has finally shown signs of accepting that maybe it's not that bad to play in the sand. See?
Step 1: Feet in the sand and Mommy's reassurance:-)

Step 2: Big brother's help in showing her how much FUN sand castle building is.

Step 3: "OK, maybe I'll try a bit of this myself."

Success!! Off she went to the water with Jonah!

And they played...

and played...

I squeeze a little water on your head,

and you squeeze a little water on my head!

All 3 kiddos busy playing in the sand!

Sweet Jonah taking good care of his little sister!
Happy 4th of July!
God bless America!

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