Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beach 2011

Well, I have decided to try to document as the week goes along on our beach trip this summer. (It'll help keep from having an ultra-long post at the end of the trip, right?) So, here's some snapshots from the past two days.
Family pictures on the beach.
(The final product never truly demonstrates the chaos that goes into trying to get one "good" shot. AMEN?!?)

This is one of my favorites! See how much fun picture taking is? 

Two big cranes decided to join us for pictures. Jonah spent some time trying to get as close they would allow him. I thought it made a good picture. :-)

My three babies

The picture I must take every year that we go to the beach. It's fun to go back and look and the same pose from past years and see how much they have changed. (It's also kinda sad at the same time.)

My parents-Daddy Nick and Mimi

Of course we had to make the trip to Souvenir City AKA the "shark's mouth".
They love this place for some reason, and Jan and I try make the trip to it as short as possible! hehe
 I think we set a record tonight...15 or 20 mins. at the MOST! Jan told each child he/she had a set limit of money to spend on ONE item. Then off we went to eat seafood at...

Doc's Seafood Shack!
We usually go the original Doc's, but tonight we decided to try out the newer location. The atmosphere was different, but the food was still GREAT!

Getting ready to eat!

Back from eating and one last picture of our group before "hitting the sack".

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Elizabeth said...

Great family picture!!!! Have fun at the beach!