Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Snapshot

Well, let me catch up in one post the things we have been up to this summer. Just a snapshot of our summer so far...

Of course, we have been busying ourselves with swim team as I posted before, but we've been working in some other fun times, too. For starters, we finished VBS 2011 at church the first full week of June. The theme was "Big Apple Adventure", and we loved it! I had to enlist the help of "Miss" Andi Katherine (Thanks, Andi Katherine!) to help me get the boys from swim team to VBS during the week since I was leading the music for the worship rally every morning and then teaching music for grades 1-6. It was a lot of work to prepare for the music and choreography, but so rewarding to see how much fun the children had learning praise songs for Christ. I hate that I don't have any pictures of VBS! I was too busy leading the group on family night, and the other half of this husband-wife team videoed, but didn't take pictures. Oh well!
Mary Claire splashing around at the Memphis Jewish Community Center where the boys had a swim meet last week. What a nice place! Baby sister was more than entertained while the boys waited for their races.

My little fish!

Mary Claire will begin going to a new school this August. The school offers daycare as well, which is something our family needs since this mommy is a full-time working mom. The school really looks like it will fit her needs and ours as well. She will be in a 3 year old class in which there are 2 teachers, and the school uses the Wee Learn Christian curriculum. In order to secure her spot at the school and get her acclimated to her new environment, I have been taking her on Mondays and Wednesdays some. One thing she is struggling with is naptime. I know this will take some time as she is only used to napping in her own bed everyday. I know her, and she probably sees naptime at school as not "sleep time" but yet another opportunity to socialize. hehe The teachers have reassured me that "sleeptime" will come. I tell you all this to lead into this part of the post where I want to share some of the things the boys and I have done together during the time Mary Claire is gone to school. I decided to use this as a time to spend some time doing things with my boys that we might not get to do with little sister in tow.

Trip to the Museum
When I asked the boys what they would like to do first, John Owen responded, "The Pink Palace!"
So, off we went! (I had obtained the FREE trial membership for the summer, so this trip didn't cost anything except gas and lunch.) Jan decided to go with us at the very last minute, and we were glad he joined us. Here's some snapshots from our museum trip. We are planning to go back to the IMAX before school begins.

We are also planning Jonah's 6th birthday bash! Here's a hint of what's to come...
(Can't believe this little boy is turning 6!)

I hate to admit this, but on another Wednesday that we set out to do something fun, I realized I had forgotten my camera at home. I don't have a smartphone and my phone just doesn't take the best pictures, so I have no shots of the fun we had BOWLING! But we had a blast!! 
This was Jonah's first time to bowl, and he got a strike! John Owen is pretty good as well. He was right behind me the whole time with his score. 
We had a coupon for one free game, so this was also a relatively inexpensive event. We are planning to go back with friends very soon.

I'll close this post with one more thing.
We have now begun our beach trip! We've been counting down the days this past month...literally. My boys have been asking me almost everyday, "How many more days 'til we go to the beach?"
Mary Claire barely made it out of Tipton County when we left before she fell asleep.
Now, we are spending some much needed time together relaxing and enjoying the sun and surf.
Here's some snapshots of our trip so far:
Jonah with his net

John Owen setting out to catch a wave!

Daddy and Mary Claire in the ocean

Jonah beginning celebrating his birthday by dancing on the table!

Thirsty anyone?

Mommy and Mary Claire

Mimi and Daddy Nick

Uhh...can anyone say bubbles?
More to come...

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