Thursday, July 14, 2011

When I Need to Remember

Maybe it's because my baby boy, Jonah, is turning 6 tomorrow, but I am feeling like there are so many moments with my children that I need to "bottle up" while all of my babies are still young. All of my "baby birds" have birthdays in April, May and July, so with Jonah's birthday celebration tomorrow, we will end another year's worth of planning kids' birthdays at this house. (Jan and I are both Fall "babies", but of course, birthdays are much different and less celebrated as you add candles to the cake. Only the milestones get the most attention in adulthood. Thank the Lord for those milestones, though.)

This blog is intended to help us remember the moments we spend together while at the same time allowing our family and friends to share in the moments. (If they so choose...) So, today I just wanted to post some recent moments with my children that I know one day I'll need to read again. One day when I need to remember them this little and this innocent and this sweet.

Wait a minute!!! I thought I said SWEET!
Oh, brother...

Hold on, sister! We are not gonna rush this
growin' up thing.

The princess who is spoiled silly getting a royal "push" from Daddy Nick.
After I put her to bed last night, she called out, "Daddy! Daddy!"
Jan went in and she said, "My covers came off. Cover me up." (Note to self: Keep working on "Please" and "Thank you".)
So, he did as he was instructed. (Of course!)
 Then she looked up at him and said, "Now my dreams will be better."
THAT was all he needed to hear. Boy, can she play a good game.

I want to always remember how Jonah has been so sweet to his little sister. He caters to her as if she were his child, asks her if she wants anything (which, of course, contributes to her being so spoiled), tries to explain everything to her while using a "baby voice" which just proves the extent to which he goes in "babying" her. It is sometimes too funny! I have listened to their conversations over the monitor in her room when he goes in to check on her in the mornings and sometimes after her nap. He's so sweet and unfortunately, she doesn't always reciprocate. She doesn't truly realize what a wonderful big brother she has. Maybe one day she'll understand. For now, it's a little comical the way she will argue with him,
"bite his head off" with a SASSY response, etc. (I have told Jan that they almost have a love/hate dislike relationship.) It's funny to watch them in action...Jonah trying to nicely tell her to do something and her "snapping" back at him. Don't worry, though, he holds his own with her. And he doesn't hesitate to apply the "eye for an eye" method if she dares to smack him or pinch him.
Jonah: "She pinched me right here, Momma! So, I just pinched her right back!"

Here's my "big man" who says he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. At least that's what he thinks right now. He went yesterday to meet with a trumpet instructor to see if he's ready (old enough) to start learning to play. He is excited that the instructor says he is ready! Right now, I think it's safe to say John Owen is in a "silly stage" all boys go through this?! I probably did, too, but I seemed to have blocked that from my memory. hehe
He is CONSUMED with Star Wars and knows things about the subject that sound like a foriegn language to me. He also LOVES video games!! (I dislike them VERY much, but it's something he enjoys, so I have to get over myself on this one. Plus, it's something he must have genetically inherited from his Daddy because Jan's like a kid when it comes to video games.)

Oh, yes, let's remember this and laugh at it when you are 16 years old and throwing a different kind of fit!:-)
Can we say strong-willed and determined?

See what I mean? Silly boy!
Nevertheless, one REALLY GREAT swimmer!

This little boy is happy doing whatever his big brother is doing...even acting silly!
As a result, double dose of silliness for Mommy!
I am sending out an SOS!!
Jonah has a wonderful sense of humor and sometimes doesn't even realize how funny he is without trying to be funny. Mom and I laugh at his expressions a lot! A few days ago, he made a terribly funny face as I put some summer squash on his dinner plate and told him he had to take a bite. I think I said something like,"Don't knock it til you try it." He took a bite, made an even worse face as he chewed and then said, "My taste BUGS don't like it, Momma." :-)
 (Gotta love those crazy taste BUGS!)

The swimmer, John Owen, in action!
John Owen has God-given talent and an ability to make friends so easily. I pray that he'll begin to realize his talents and not take them for granted or be lazy with them and use them to the glory of God.

Mary Claire and Lucy taking turns spraying each other with COOL water! Mary Claire got a real kick out of spraying folks while saying, "Take that!" Such good manners, I know.
I believe God's gonna use these two little girls in a special way.
I know most of you reading our blog also read my friend, Kate's, blog. And I know you probably know Lucy's story. God is good! He is the Great Physician! Please continue to pray for God's healing and safety for Lucy as she wages a war on brain cancer. Since February of this year, our daily (hourly!) prayers have lifted up Lucy and her family. Her family is so special to me. We love you, Wucy! (It's so cute how Mary Claire says her name.)  

And I couldn't leave out a picture of Blue Monkey. I hope we never forget him! This is Jonah's special "sleep buddy". He has had Blue Monkey since he was 1 year old. Today, I laid down beside Jonah in his bed at naptime and watched him fall asleep clutching Blue Monkey in his arms. That moment is probably what spurred this post. Thinking of another birthday to be celebrated tomorrow and thinking that one day I'll look up and there probably won't be a "sleep buddy" or a special blanket or "I want to hold you, Momma" or "taste bugs".  I need to remember this. I want to remember all of this.

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