Saturday, October 11, 2008

What About Weedeaters?

I tell you...I am having to start bed time earlier these days because John Owen and Jonah BOTH have particular books being read to them before sleep will come. (And if Mary Claire does this same thing later, that's three books to read in completion before sleeping. Maybe I should consider a group reading.:-)) Do other children do this? They both seem to get stuck on a book for a week, maybe two...and sometimes longer!

John Owen recently went back to a book we haven't read to him in a while...Dr. Seuss's "Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur?" It's a great book, by the way! In the book they address the meaning of the words "carnivores" and "herbivores." I took the opportunity to REALLY focus on this one day while reading to him. You just never know what kids are thinking and what they are going to say...Here's our conversation about it:
"So see, John Owen, carnivores are meat-eaters, and herbivores are plant-eaters," I said in my greatest "teacher voice." hehe Oh boy! He 's gonna be so smart and remember this and impress everyone with his knowledge, I thought to myself. I went over it again just to be sure! :-)
"Carnivores are meat-eaters and herbivores are plant-eaters. Can you remember that?" There was a short silence, and then he said something for which I could find no response..."Mommy, what about weed-eaters?" hehe


Amy said...

This is great! I was on the phone with mom while reading this, so I read it aloud, I can't believe you didn't hear her laughing all the way from Garland. hehe!

Allison McCool said...

that is too are hilarious!

Laura Dawson said...

i feel your pain with the bedtime books! We too get stuck on them and it is a long routine, but it is so worth it! some of my best times!