Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reflections of a Rainy Day

The rain started not long after I awoke this morning. So much for "rise and SHINE!" I do love beautiful, sunshine-filled days, but every now and then I long for days like today that make you just want to stay in your pajamas all day and watch TV or sleep! (Yeah, those days are not a part of this season of life I am presently in, but I can still dream about them.) We went about our daily routine of eating breakfast, getting dressed, and getting off to preschool! I picked the boys up early from preschool for a haircut appointment. And I will advise anyone with 3 small children to check the weather forecast before making hair was NO FUN hauling all of us into the Depot with the rain pouring down! Jonah was not happy! Thankfully, he settled down by the time he got in the chair. After that, we went home and finished our sandwiches I had packed for us to eat at the Depot. I put Jonah and Mary Claire down for their naps, and I got to enjoy snuggling down for a nap with (my first baby):-), John Owen.

Now let me tell you...John Owen has always been my "go-to-guy" for naps! I never let him get in the habit of sleeping with us at night because I remembered what it had been like when my parents made me move out of their bed when a certain little brother was born(hehe), but John Owen napped with Jan and me frequently as a baby. Still does now, if we are all taking a nap! Jonah holds the title for "Best Sleeper" in our house, but I have never been able to get him to sleep good with us. He likes to be in HIS bed with HIS things! John Owen would rather be with me, holding my hair as he falls asleep. That's always been HIS hold Mommy's hair. He'll tickle the inside of his ear with my hair and rub the ends across the side of his face. (One day he'll hide this information from his friends or deny it, I know!) Oh well! I'll have my memories of it.
So, for the first time in a long while, I enjoyed a much needed rainy day nap. It was a good rainy day! Hmm...wonder what the weather forecast is for tomorrow?


Amy said...

I know what you mean. I could hardly hold my eyes open when I got home from work at noon. I NEVER nap, but felt the need to lay down for a few minutes. Erik kept telling me "wake up! Kendra will be here to pick you up in an hour!" over and over again. I literally had to go to starbucks and get a venti mocha with an extra shot of espresso so that I could attend our JA function!

Christi said...

Uggh, I know! I had to work today and left everyone (including R) in the bed asleep. I made the yucky 40 min. drive in the rain to work when I would have MUCH rather been sleeping with my babies.

Sarah said...

that's really sweet. G is a good sleeper with us when necessary, but L just kicks us and lays all over us...not as pleasant:)
hope you get another nap today! i'm jealous!

~lillie~ said...

this is such a sweet story. we had a great time at the sunday school fellowship; i'm glad we came. kyle was still talking about John Owen when we got home.