Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are We There Yet?

When Jonah has been with his grandparents he seems to take on another life form! I am not kidding! I guess it comes from getting his way with everything and lack of sleep. :-) The boys stayed in Somerville with my mom and grandmother Monday afternoon and night and most of the day Tuesday. I went to pick them up late Tuesday afternoon, and the ride home was interesting, to say the least. Jonah talked the whole 45 minutes. And he didn't just talk, he asked for bubble gum 25 times until I told him not to ask me again. He said the sun was in his eyes 3 or 4 times in between, so I loaned him my sunglasses. I had to laugh when I saw him with them on. (I managed to snap his picture! Don't worry, mom, I didn't take my eyes off the road to take it!)

When I told him not to ask for bubble gum again, he started asking for candy pumpkins! He strategically "hit" me with this question at least 30 times or more. And where was all of the candy he requested? AT HOME!! And we weren't there yet!!

I was extremely proud of myself as I demonstrated great patience with all of this. My usual strategy of asking a question to their question had not worked today. Too bad! I laughed out loud, to which John Owen asked, "Mommy, what's so funny?" "I just thought of something funny, John Owen," I responded. "What was it?" Inquiring minds wanted to know. "Candy corn," I said.

Jonah was quiet for a few minutes...I couldn't believe it! Could me laughing like a crazy woman have ceased his seemingly never-ending questions for candy? Hooray! I overcame!

And then he asked again for candy pumpkins! Oh well...could nothing deter his attention? Good grief! His little sister woke up (after sleeping through all of this) and began to "talk." I almost doubled over in laughter when Jonah started crying and saying,"Baby Sister said I can't have candy pumpkins!" (Oh, Mary Claire, I wish you could talk and tell him a thing or two! ) Hehe!

When we finally got home, I recounted this story to my husband, but he didn't find it as funny as I did. He even asked me if I was delirious. Mommy (and Daddy) Lesson Learned: Sometimes it helps to remember to try to find the humor in things even when you think your patience has run thin. Laugh about it! It just might catch them off guard, and buy you a few minutes of sanity. :-)

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kate said...

I'm quite sure that if MC could talk, "no candy pumpkins" is not what she would have to say to her big brothers. I'm confident she would give them an ear full! That is so funny. Jonah is the funniest kid!