Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let It Shine!

There's so much that God has to teach us, and it seems we learn something new or are refreshed with something we learned long ago every Sunday when we attend church. You might say that Jonah learned the lesson of "turning the other cheek" today at church. He and another little boy in his class had a little collision of sorts (not really sure what happened), and Jonah now proudly bears his first "shiner". Let it shine for all to see, Jonah! :-) These things are inevitable it seems! I'll just say that I am glad this happened AFTER our family pictures were made yesterday!!
And I had to put this picture on here! I stayed in the nursery after the incident with Jonah's eye happened. He loves seeing all of the babies like his baby sister. I laughed when I saw him patting both Sam and Faith (our friends' twins)on the head at the same time! I grabbed the camera from the diaper bag to snap this picture. We all laughed and said he looked like he was "laying hands" on them.


Christi said...

The "hands" are too cute! Boys are so rough! I think all these bruises and bangs will hurt me probably more than my kids.

Sarah said...

i think he was blessing those babies:)