Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My Two "Goblins"

John Owen's Halloween bat bologna!

Jonah and his Halloween cat cheese!

Hmm...what to do to deter the attention from all of the Halloween candy we've gotten over the last few days? Jonah asked for candy before we even got home! Oh brother! It's definitely Halloween, huh? So, I got his attention off of the candy (at least for a little while) by having some fun making Halloween shapes out of our food. It was great fun! We used our Halloween cookie cutters to cut out bats, cats, and ghosts with our slices of cheese, bologna, and bread! My two "goblins" gobbled them up! Who knew lunch time could be so much fun? Happy Halloween to everyone!

Who's that behind the mask? hehe
I guess John Owen(AKA "Batman") decided that his baby sister should dress up like him since we're always telling him she looks like him. He put this on her while I was getting her dressed for the Fall Festival, and she was such a good sport about it! Oh, Baby Sister, just wait...this is just the beginning of a life lived with two older brothers.

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kate said...

MC Hensley is looking great! Love the pic!