Monday, October 20, 2008

You Better Write That One Down

Anyone with children could probably share a wealth of funny stories about the things that have come out of their children's mouths. So many times I have laughed that I have lost count. Just one of the joys of parenthood, I guess. Many times I have been instructed, "You better write that one down." I guess so that I will remember it when they are grown 'cause my mind can only hold so much, right? Well, I am writing some of them down here and feel free to enjoy if you'd like.

Jonah was especially concerned about his baby sister's cord after her birth. You could say he was obsessed! And every day, several times a day, he would ask about it. Except he called it her "quarter." "Mommy, let me see baby sister's quarter." "Does she still have her quarter?" "Can I touch baby sister's quarter?" And it didn't matter that I would pronounce the word corectly in my response to him. "Mommy, did the doctor cut her quarter off?" "Where did her quarter go?" I wish I had a quarter for every time he asked about it! hehe

John Owen got a guitar for Christmas last year. It's pretty neat! Many a time I have found myself rockin' to the beat as it plays mostly on its own, but allows him to think he is puttin' out those rockin' tunes! Well, one day he's rockin' along and I say enthusiastically, "John Owen, that sounds great! You are a great guitar player." He responds by saying, "Yeah, 'cause I learned from Elvis." ELVIS??!! Hmm...

Jonah has always been my collector of little things. Little cars, little dinosaurs, little get the picture. And he obsesses over them sometimes. He carries them with him everywhere he goes, and surprisingly, I can't think of any time that he has lost one! That in itself is pretty amazing, I think. Last summer he was going through a "Cars" craze! He would take every car he could carry into his room, line them up on the toy box top, and proceed to turn every one of them upside down. He would tell each one "Good night!" When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "They are going to sleep." I thought it was too cute!

Jonah has a lizard he has been carrying around with him lately. He came into the kitchen the other day and asked,"Mommy, where is my ink-a-wana?" "Your what, Jonah?" I asked. "My ink-a-wana." Well, I was stumped! I didn't know what he was saying. And then it hit me! His iguana! That "lizard thing" he's been carrying around all day, that's what he's saying!(He still says it that way! I think it's cute!)

Recently the children and I were out for our usual walk in the neighborhood, and John Owen and Jonah stopped to talk to a friend who was out walking her dog. I had stopped to talk to another neighbor, and could not hear the conversation going on between my children and our friend. A few minutes later she laughingly approached me and proceeded to tell me that John Owen informed her that he has a chocolate dog named Sam(like her dog is named) and a "vanilla" dog named Sophie. (Translation: Chocolate Lab and Yellow Lab) But hey, his version sounds much more tasteful!

And if that wasn't we were ending the walk, John Owen discovers a cotton boll lying on the ground, picks it up, and excitedly proclaims,"Mommy, look! I found a piece of a cloud! It came from up there!" And he points to the sky. I almost didn't have the heart to tell him the truth. There was a part of me that just wanted to relish in the moment of child-like thoughts of actually touching the clouds! I'll remember this moment so that I can remember the sweet innocence of his childhood when he is grown.


Amy said...

Oh Nicole! I know you can hear me laughing across the neighborhood at this very moment. I am sitting here by myself literally "cracking up." Erik says its stupid to laugh by yourself. What? Anyway, I guess he hasn't read any of your blog posts, huh?

lovebnamom said...

I have really enjoyed "getting to know" your kids through your blog. They both sound like real cuties! It is obvious that you are a great mom! Keep the stories coming! Love to you all!

kate said...

that last story about the "cloud" is why we are moms. it is in those moments that we realize how innocent our children are and how busy we are to enjoy it sometimes.

Christi said...

I love those funny phrases! I know I told you Ethan calls shampoo shampoot, but he's got many more. Once he asked about a penny and I told him what it was called and another time I mentioned putting our coins in the piggy bank, so he's combined them in his mind and all coins are coinies!

Kirk and Emily said...

Nicole - I cannot wait to be able to post my sweet little Ema's funny sayings. Children are such a blessing from God! If only we could keep them innocent forever!