Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Never-Ending Love

I attended a funeral today for a friend and neighbor, a person who grew up in this community just as I have, a person whose family lives and works here, a person who has touched so many because of his profession as a doctor. Our community has suffered a great loss with the passing of Zach, but more than that, a family has lost their precious loved one. I listened intently as the minister spoke about Zach's life, spoke of the testimonies shared by so many touched by his life, reported of some 1800 people attending the visitation service, and as he spoke words of comfort to a wife, mother, father, and brother. I thought about the things the minister said, and I thought of Zach's ability to overcome the childhood disability he had, how my husband and I admired the doctor he had become. I should have told him! (I remember the disappointment when I was told he wasn't accepting new patients as I called his office to try to have him as our doctor.)

As I glanced at the order of service I noticed that the Epistle called for the reading of I Corinthians 13 . And I thought how appropriate its words. I guess that's why you see it used so often in wedding ceremonies and funeral services. It has been a verse that I have turned to many times in recent struggles and troubled times. (It is the verse for which I named my blog.) Now, it may seem to say different things to different people, but to me it reminds me that God's love is so great...the greatest love there is. No matter what and no matter how bad things seem to get, His love is always there. When we hurt, when we cry, when we laugh, when we are angry, when we doubt...God's love is there. And I know God was there today. I pray that God will wrap His hands around the Maxwell family and that they will feel His never-ending, abundant love.

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