Thursday, October 16, 2008

He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not

He LOVES me! Well, let me start this from the beginning...Jan got sick yesterday with the stomach virus. He went on to work anyway! Those of you who know him know what a "work-aholic" he is. I checked on him several times throughout the day to see how he was. He did not look good when he got home last night, and he went straight to bed. When I got in the bed, he asked me about the weather forecast for the next day. ('Cause he knows I am a Weather Channel junkie!:-)) I told him there was supposed to be rain. He said, "I could really use a rain day to get over this stomach thing." And as I settled in, I prayed that the rain would come just as the meterologist predicted.

Well, the rain came! Jan went in to the office early this morning, but then called after breakfast to say he was coming home, and he asked if I needed anything from town. "I can't think of anything we need. Just come home," I replied. What happened next made the rainiest of days seem bright and warm. In walks my sick husband with a sweet yellow daisy and berries flower arrangement in the neatest little rustic concrete bird. He had stopped on the way home to buy it for me. It's funny how such a small gesture can say so much...I love my husband and that bird! I think that I shall never part with it!:-)


Sarah said...

that is so sweet!

Elizabeth said...

Great to hear from you! Your blog looks great! I am new to it, so I am a little slow:) Congratulations on your new baby girl. I am sure you are having so much fun! I look forward to reading what you all are doing. Also, very sweet of Jan.