Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's Ahead?

I am choosing to look at taking down my Christmas things as the process that takes place when getting ready for the New Year, for what's ahead, and trying NOT to think about how sad it kinda is to see it all come down. I love Christmas decorations!! I love the lights in the house and ornaments and everything! Today, I finished taking all the Christmas decorations down and simultaneously, putting up our "Let It Snow" (winter) decorations. (You know, snowmen, icicle/snowflake ornaments...leaving some red berries and greenery from the Christmas "stuff" up as they will work for another month or two, right?) Oh, and I always leave our Christmas cards up until well into January so I can look upon the faces of friends and family a little longer.
I have been working off-and-on since Monday. It's really hard to work without interruption around here, so that explains why I am just now getting it wrapped up TODAY! 3 Children to be played with and taken care of, a house to keep "afloat", plus the added interruption of an 8 week old puppy that needs to be watched like a hawk and taken outside frequently as we try to house train him. (What was Santa thinking?!)

Additionally, my grandmother has been in the hospital since Chistmas night. (That's another story in itself.) She had hip replacement surgery Tuesday afternoon, and she is recovering now. We hope she'll be able to return to the nursing home in the next few days. Her dementia has progressed to such a level that communication with her is very difficult, almost impossible. Last night, she smiled at me and she touched my face twice as I fed her, and I just hoped that was her way of letting me know that somewhere deep inside her she recognized me. For selfish reasons, maybe, I wanted her to recognize me. But the truth is, we all love her no matter what's ahead and will do what we can to make her comfortable. My mom has been the one that has been with her most since early Monday morning. When I went down yesterday, I took Jonah with me, and Mom and I left Jonah with my brother, Christopher, while we went outside to jog around the hospital. (I was glad I had worn some appropriate shoes! Not running shoes, but shoes I could jog in.) This Saturday morning, I have signed myself up for a 10K in Collierville. (Gotta end the year on a "running note", you know?) I have only run once and gotten on the elliptical two times in the last week and half. I might be dragging the New Year in!:-)
We don't have any set New Year's Eve plans yet. And it's not that important really. Having big plans for ringing in the New Year, I mean. What is important is remembering to celebrate God's blessings every day, every moment, in whatever is ahead...what He will give in what's left of 2011 and that to come in 2012.
From my devotional book: (And because I thought it pertained to this.)
May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face shine upon us. Psalm 67:1 NIV
No matter what lies ahead, Lord, I will trust in You and Your plans for me, my family, and my friends. I ask that You use me as You see fit, and that my heart be open to the paths You will lead me down. In good times and in bad, I will look to You. Amen.

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