Monday, December 19, 2011

'Tis the Season

What a busy time of the year! Lots to remember to do... Last week, my day planner looked like a "big ole mess" with basketball practices, dance class, one last music lesson for both boys, Snowball Express at school, Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue, remembering which day I was assigned to bring food for staff at school, 2 different pajama days for the kids, 2 different Christmas party days and the gifts for all 3 to take to teachers and classmates, and finishing the mailing out of our family Christmas cards. Whew! Pencil in Jonah's Christmas program at school, baking 12 loaves of homemade banana nut bread to hand out to the school office staff, baking our favorite cookies to go in Christmas treat boxes for our Sunday School teachers, Mary Claire's dance recital**see pics below**, and a solo for Sunday worship service, and've got a recipe for weakening Mom's immune system just enough to bring on a case of laryngitis and a sinus infection. Yeah, just in time for the Christmas solo I had been practicing for the last few weeks. I was put on an antibiotic Friday afternoon. (Thank goodness it was a half day of work so I could pencil in a trip to the Walgreens Walk-In Clinic). I thought it was quite funny how the nurse prac. looked at me, and then glanced at my 3 children sitting on the exam table, and said, "And try to get some rest." Now, I don't care who you are, THAT is funny!
I was up most of the night before my scheduled solo coughing my head off. It seemed everytime I laid down, the coughing began. Poor Jan got so tired of hearing me cough, he finally said,"You are gonna have to get up and do something." :) A glass of water, cough drops and Vicks Vaporub finally helped a little. Enough that I guess I finally rested for a few hours. Sunday morning arrived, and I got everybody ready for church, trying not to talk too much as I thought it might save what little singing voice I had left.

I prayed, "Lord, it's in Your hands. May the message of Your Son's birth come forth even if it sounds like that of a donkey. Not for my glory, but Yours."
And I am happy to say that God was with me. Thank you, God. Jan said he couldn't believe I did it!:) (He had heard my voice's condition all week and was very skeptical about my singing.) There was one point in the song I found it difficult to hit one of the high notes, but perhaps it wasn't too noticeable.

After the church service yesterday, I began to feel a bit more relaxed. After the last two weeks and the busy daily schedules of things, I am happy to look at my day planner and see lots of openings. :) It is a wonderful feelng of accomplishment when you think about it. Christmas shopping done, cards mailed out, programs attended and enjoyed, presents given to people we want to say a special "Thank You" to...this truly is a wonderful time of the year!
Merry Christmas to everyone! May the Lord bless you and keep you this Christmas season and may you not get too "bogged down" with the daily whirlwinds to remember the REASON we celebrate.

Oh, and here's the pictures from our Mary Claire's 1st Dance recital. A star is born!! She did so good and loved being on stage. She kept asking, "Is it my turn?" And a couple of times I had to keep her from going out on the stage when it wasn't her turn.:) She was only one who took a bow for the audience at the end of each of her dance numbers. I just couldn't believe it! (We really had no idea what to expect from her.) So, here's our tiny dancer...
I know this is a little blurry, but I loved the way she waved from offstage. And she wasn't waving to me! I was too far away for her to see me, so I don't have a clue who she was waving to. The other little girl's face just screams "I'm nervous!" :)

The beginning pose!

The little girl next to her didn't quite get into like Mary Claire did...

The whole tiny dancers group at the finish

The big finish!

Yesterday, we had some special visitors from Nashville. My friend, Natalie, and her husband, Adam, and their 2 girls, Emma Kate and Della Claire came to play! Mary Claire and Emma Kate had a good time dressing up as Snow White(s) and flipping over the couch. I think Mary Claire is trying out her princess act with Adam here! That look will get 'em everytime, honey. :)
I'll post some pictures of Jonah's program and our Starry Nights adventure tomorrow! (We are going to Starry Nights tonight to run/walk through it!) Should be fun! 'Tis the season!!

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