Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

It's almost here! Christmas Day is only 2 weeks away. Hard to believe...

We have had 2, that's right, 2 accumulating snows already!! I can't remember the last time this has happened here. It's certainly been a nice addition to the Christmas season.

Snow angels!

Snowball fight, of course.

Our super tall snowman! Notice two little people who enjoy eating the snow. :)

Our front door stockings. I just love these! I found these at Sam's 3 years ago for like $10.00 each and then added the greenery, ribbons, and berries.

Breakfast with Santa in our Christmas pajamas!
"Now, Santa, please pay attention. Before I sit on your lap so that my mom can take this picture, I need to outline what's on my Christmas wish list this year." :) Priceless...

Christmas 2011
(And despite her "talk" of sitting on Santa's lap this year, Mary Claire would only allow Mrs. Claus to hold her, and it took a little bribery candy involved to get her in the picture. Still cautious about the man with the white beard...)

Music recitals!!
I was so proud of John Owen and the spectacular job he did playing "Jingle Bells" on his trumpet.
 Funny story I want to remember: The night before the recital, I told John Owen we needed to go ahead and lay out his clothes for his recital. He said, "I want to wear a tuxedo." With a smile on my face I replied, " Well, I don't think you have a tuxedo, son." To which he responded, "Yes, I do." And he went to his closet and pulled out the sportscoat he wore on Easter Sunday. I thought it was so cute, that I just said, "It's not exactly a tuxedo, but close enough. Let's find you a shirt to wear under it." Then he added, "I want to wear a tie." So we picked out a tie for him to wear, too. Doesn't he just look so handsome? (The tennis shoes with the outfit add a nice touch, don't you think?) I'm saddened, but happy, too, that my little boy is growing into such a big boy.
We laid out his outfit and he went to bed with visions of trumpet-playing in his head...

And our handsome little Jonah got up and played "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" like a pro!:)

Wow! Good job, boys! We are so proud of you.

Our snowman with chocolate peppermint bark for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, and spice drops for the mouth.

Last night, we braved the cold and went uptown for the Dickens Christmas on the Square. I have never seen our square decorated so beautifully. I loved the candles and carols we sang and the people dressed like characters straight out of A Christmas Carol. I hope this event continues for years to come.
Today, we celebrated the season with our church choir's presentation of "Answer the Call."
It was a wonderful reminder of the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas...the birth of Jesus Christ!
Sure, Santa, decorations, snow and recitals are fun, but knowing that God loved us enough to send his Son in the form of a baby is the REASON for the season. Merry Christmas to you! May the love of Christ be in your heart this season.

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