Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kids' Christmas Party

Today, we had so much fun celebrating Christmas with our friends! There were Christmas games including...
"Musical Pillows" (played to Christmas music),

"Pin the Carrot Nose on Frosty the Snowman",

and a "Freeze Dance"! (Dance til the music stops then everybody FREEZE!):)

Question: Where are the boys?!
Answer: Playing upstairs and not interested in the dancing...girls just wanna have fun!

But the best part of the party was the creativity put forth by all the kiddos in making the BEST gingerbread houses!
Houses like this one by John Owen...
And this one by Mary Claire...

And this one made by Jonah.
I just LOVE the little heart he made from candy canes!

See, making gingerbread houses is so much FUN!

Jonah and Bo "discussing" the design of their houses.:)

Mary Claire takes a break from working on her house and poses for a quick picture for Mom!
Every one did such a great job on the houses!
Great time with great friends!

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