Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Fun

So far this winter we have been having so much fun...

Playing basketball!

Going to birthday parties where you can jump & roll!

"Mommy, can you change my little girl's diaper?"
She brought me the diaper and new doll, laid the doll and diaper on the floor, and pointed at her. And, of course, I put the diaper on the doll.
I wish I had a nickel for every diaper these hands have changed. :-)
Glad to do it!

We have watched winter weather roll in!
I love the icicles on the play house.

John Owen made snow angels!

Jonah ate the icicles!

They both slid down the snow-covered slide.
Secretly, I wished I could have done it, too.

John Owen laid in the snow longer than I thought possible.

All 3 kiddos have enjoyed the winter snow so far this year!
This year Mary Claire took her first steps in the "white stuff". I have got to get her some gloves that fit, though, so her little hands don't get so cold. She pulls the "too big" gloves off right now.

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Anonymous said...

so cute!! i wish we were there to play in the snow!!