Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wii Are SOOO Crazy...

about the Wii Super Mario Bros! This has occupied, um...say 90%, of our time at home these days. I have had to set rules and limitations (to a certain extent) because of the extensive time my boys, including Jan, spend playing the Wii. It's fun to watch them spending time doing something they like and at least they can do it together, so I am not complaining too much. It has become somewhat difficult when trying to get everyone to come eat their food. They'd rather play than eat, I think!

We will play anywhere!
In our pajamas,
We don't care! :-)

Jonah is so funny to watch play. He REALLY gets into it. Physically, I mean!

John Owen does funny things with his tongue when he's concentrating on his moves!

A little celebration!

Even Mary Claire has shown us she wants some time on the Wii...

and she knows exactly what to do! :-)

We are saving up our money for 2 MORE Wii remotes so that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE
Mommy will get some "Wii time", too!


Amy said...

Ha! I love it...we also have a Wii, well...Erik has a Wii. At least I won't have to worry about getting one for Mills, but by then, they'll probably be obsolete. I love the pic of Mary Claire. She looks like she really knows what she's doing there, Mom :)

Brandi Mignard said...

Santa brought us a Wii this year (he forgot it last year). We LOVE IT! We bowl and play baseball almost everyday when we get in from school. I seem to be worse than the boys....