Friday, January 22, 2010

First Sleepover

Last Friday night, John Owen had his first sleepover. We, and yes, I said "WE" were so excited we could hardly wait for the week to finally reach Friday night! John Owen spent the night with his friend, Carter B., a few months ago, so he decided it was time to have Carter over to his house. The boys play on the same church league basketball team. So after last Friday's game, Carter came home with the Hensleys! We ordered pizza (Isn't that essential for any sleepover?!), they played the Wii (Of course!), & we made ice cream sundaes!

I think they had a GREAT time! We'll definitely have to have Carter over again!

Um, I'm sorry, isn't this a sleepover for 6 year olds? :-)
Jan enjoyed himself, too, I think!

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Elizabeth said...

How fun! Hopefully, you actually got some sleep:)