Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What We Know

You know something I have learned quickly is that sometimes what you think you know may not be exactly true. What I have known about Mary Claire has changed, but only somewhat...I know she has a congenital brain anomaly now, I know the doctor has confirmed his belief that she is at risk for seizures now, I know she has never had a seizure and the doctor says the longer she goes without one, the better...I know what the doctor has said. But more than any of that, I know that she is the same baby girl God gave me 20 months ago today. I haven't seen one change in her except that she continues to grow and learn and show me how determined she is every day. I know she is "as tough as a pine knot" as Jan so colorfully puts it :-). I know she is going to be just fine and that we will continue to give her the life we intended to try our best to give her before we knew all of this with a few added precautions now that we know what we know.

I still know God holds her in His hand.

The hardest part for me is the fear of the unknown, but then again, do any of us know what tomorrow holds? It's all unknown. And if you really think about that, it can be kinda scary. And if you choose to dwell on that, it can drive you nuts! I'd rather live life than worry about living life.

Only He knows tomorrow.

So, I will step forward from this learning experience with this knowledge, some new, some I already knew, and know that every day is a gift and that I should value it as such. That what you know today may not be what you know tomorrow.

What we want you to know is that we are thankful for the prayers, emails, texts, calls, etc.

Knowing that you have friends and family lifting your little one up in prayer gives comfort. Please continue to lift Mary Claire up. Thank you so much.




The Howard 5 said...

I know you will always worry, but God has her in his hands. She has grown into a beautiful big girl just like her mommy!

Georgia said...

I have tears. I know that God will watch over you and your family through this time. I will continue praying for that sweet baby girl.

Cherri said...

Nicole & Jan - Can't imagine the tough time you've been through, but amazed & inspired by your faith! Each child is so special & such a gift. God is all-knowing... Thinking of you all - cherri & howie