Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Days Continued

Well, it looks as if "Mother Nature" had a number of snow days in store for this area this winter. We enjoyed our days off from school.
Thank you, God, for the beautiful snow and the time we have had to enjoy it together.

Mary Claire and Jonah

Mimi and Daddy Nick came over and helped us make a BIG snowman!
We started rolling the snowball in the backyard and it got bigger and bigger as we made our way to the front yard.

Jonah "overseeing" as Daddy Nick places the second part of the snowman on.

O.K. so the head was a little out of proportion. I think we got tired of rolling for the third part of the snowman.
Mary Claire loved the snow!
Our finished snowman with button eyes, a carrot for a nose, and some raisins for a mouth.
A scarf and sunvisior were some much needed accessories as well!
Jonah giving his snowman, whom he named "Maxie", a hug! Such a sweet child! :-) "Maxie" looks pretty happy.
Winter of to remember!

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