Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beach Trip 2009

Ocean waves rolling to the soft, white sand.

See our footprints together as we walk hand-in-hand?

Searching for seashells, toes sinking in.

Small fish in a net...Look! Do you see the dolphin's fin?

A beach chair made for lounging, a canopy tent for shade.

A cold drink and ocean breeze...Well, I think we've got it made.

Many things out of sand we would build, but destroying it proved more fun!

Spending almost endless hours playing, walking, swimming in the sun!

A boat ride to see the dolphins as they jump, roll and play!

Eyes beholding colorful sunsets at the close of a spectacular day.

Eating tasty seafood...Try the scallops, they're delicious!

Look up! I see some pelicans and seagulls flying above us!

Memories we've made, fun things we've been blessed to do...

But the best blessing of all was spending time at the beach with YOU!


Kendra said...

What a wonderful picture!

Janell said...

I love the picture of all three of your kids infront of the ocean. Its beautiful, and your kids are so cute :)

Christi said...

Man, did you have that first one professionally done? Hee, hee!

Laura Dawson said...

That first picture is great!! I am sure you are glad to be home.....not!

Sarah said...

hate we missed you guys that night! we didn't come down til about 7:00 and didn't see you. we ate in the room that night...looks like you had fun!

Kate said...

hope you guys had a great time! Glad you are back!