Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Little Monkey Turns FOUR!

This past Wednesday marked the birthday of our little "monkey", Jonah! I wish I had posted on his birthday, but we were so busy celebrating and preparing for his party with friends and family that I just decided to wait.

He had such a great 4th birthday! We celebrated Wednesday night with his birthday supper and invited the grandparents to join us for this celebration.

Blowing out his candle!

Then Friday we had his birthday party with his special request "monkey cake"! He had a blast with his special friends jumping around and eating pizza and cake at our church's family life center.

Roby & Jonah act like monkeys in a cage!

Happy Birthday, Jonah! I am so glad that you have celebrated your 4th birthday and that I have had the pleasure of being your mommy since July 15, 2005! I will never forget the first time I saw your face that special day and how much I thought you looked like Uncle Christopher's baby pictures! You bring me laughter everyday in the things you say. You make me feel so loved when you give me your special hugs. You are a GREAT big brother to Mary Claire. I know that being a little brother is not always easy, but I think you handle it quite well. Your blue eyes are special and beautiful! I love you and thank God everyday that He gave you to me! Happy Birthday, Jonah!

Love, Mommy


Christi said...

The boys had a great time at the party. I had to resist taking a bite of those cute cookies when I got in :)

Elizabeth said...

Such a cute the cake! I did not realize that Holden and Jonah were only a month apart in age. Happy 4th Birthday!