Friday, July 24, 2009

I Gave In...

This past Tuesday, Jonah had his 4 year checkup with his doctor, so I decided that if the rain held off, we would just make a trip over to the zoo while in Memphis! My boys have been asking me for most of the summer about going back to the zoo, and we haven't been yet! So, I put it on my "to do before school starts" list!
Well, Mother Nature had other plans on Tuesday and they were not conducive for an outing to the zoo. In an attempt to appease my somewhat disappointed children, I let them choose from 3 different FUN places to eat with INDOOR play places...Chick-Fil-A, McDonald's or Chuck E. Cheese's. I secretly hoped they'd choose the first, but deep down, I knew which one they'd go nuts over! CHUCK E. CHEESE'S!!!

So...I gave in! :-) And we had the best time! I was so happy to see that they had renovated the whole place. New games more age appropriate for Jonah and more rides which both boys enjoyed. We ordered our pizza and drinks and proceeded to indulge ourselves in using those golden tokens as fast as we could on whatever they wanted to do!

John Owen loves video games...I think it's a gene he inherited directly from his daddy! He's in hog heaven with a good race car game or shooting game or anything that tests your skill!

Jonah loved the rides most of all. He was even a handsome prince helping his little princess sister to ride in the horse-drawn carriage!

And Mary Claire just loved that she could scream all she wanted while sitting in her high chair and it bothered no one since the shrills were drowned out by the boops and beeps and ringing and shrieks of joy inside Chuck E. Cheese's!

We don't go to Chuck E. Cheese's very often, so this was a special treat for the boys. They even thanked me when we left for bringing them to Chuck E. Cheese's! Without me having to prompt their that's something! hehe

Never underestimate the power of video games, pizza and a little Chuck E. Cheese's!!!

Oh, and by the way...we did make it to the zoo later in the week! That post is coming soon. :-)

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Amy said...

This excites me! Even after all of the times I have been there for family birthday parties, and have dreaded the hustle and bustle of Chuck E. Cheese, I am seeing it in a whole new light now. As soon as Mills gets old enough, we will definitely get a zoo membership too. I can't wait!