Monday, July 27, 2009

Zoo Trip

I mentioned in a previous post that I had promised my boys a trip to the zoo and we hadn't been yet this summer. So last Friday I decided it was way past due, and off we went! It was a great day for the zoo! Perfect weather, I thought. We went with some friends and had the best time! Here's some shots from our long anticipated trip to see the animals!

This little guy came out after the giraffe feeding began. I imagined he was saying, "Hey! Why didn't anybody wake me to say it was time to eat?!" He went straight over to the others and worked his way closer to the "zoo guy" for his share of the food.

Did you know the average height of a newborn giraffe is 6ft? And its average weight is 150 lbs? Whoa! And I thought Jonah was a big baby! :-)

Gimme a high five, man!

At this point, Mary Claire started making monkey sounds and the people next to us started pointing at her! Guess she didn't like those monkeys getting ALL the attention!

My feelings exactly!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Hippo, but if I were you, I'd have my large self in that cool water on a day like today and not be lying on the hot concrete sleeping!

Pandas! They hardly moved, so Jonah's question to me was..."Mommy, are they real?"

Me and the kiddos!
Everybody smile! OK, Mary Claire might have been a little thirsty! :-)

And this is what a fun-filled day at the zoo will do to you!

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