Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Hairy Tale

Expression is priceless! :-)

I wish I could say that this is a picture of Mary Claire's first haircut, but the truth is that I was urged (by the hairdresser) to get her hair cut 3 months before her first birthday! (And consequently, did not have my camera with me when the first cut was made!) God blessed Mary Claire with a head full of hair...more hair than anyone in my family has ever seen on a baby! Did I really birth this baby? just kidding! I believe the hair is definitely a genetic trait inherited from her Daddy's side of the family. I can remember when she was born the nurse looked at her and said, "Oh my! She's got a double crown. That hair is going to give her fits!"

I didn't know a thing about "double crowns", although my best friend's mother and father informed me that the old wive's tale says that a person with a double crown will break bread in two countries! So I shrugged it off and decided she was destined to be a world traveler! :-)

The hair dresser was right! After two cuts and a trim last week, "the hair" has begun to act as it should! No more cowlick that mats up every time she naps or gets in the carseat, no more of me constantly carrying tangle-free spray and hoping I am not hurting her as I try to get the tangles out! Just lovely dark brown hair that almost perfectly matches the color of her beautiful eyes. Now, our hairdresser wants me to make a decision about whether to let it grow out or keep it short in a "Dorothy Hamil" style until she gets a little older. That's how my mom had my hair when I was little. Remember the Dorothy Hamil look? Can't believe that this is something I have to decide so early...she's only just turned ONE!! Most babies don't have enough hair to worry about the style of it yet!

Mr. Coy, our wonderfully patient hairdresser, and Mary Claire

Now, if we can just get past the "I want to pull the bow out of my hair and eat it" stage, we'll be GOOD!! And I am sure this is not the end of our hair issues. Adolescent years, keep your distance! :-)


3 "A's" and a "B" said...

I too have a double crown. I often think how silly I will look if I am ever bald. It's a flat spot that goes straight across my head. My hair dresser says they are wonderful for lift at your crown!

nicole said...

You know I have had some people comment already about MC's VOLUME! hehe Thanks, Amy. And if she has hair like yours, she'll be a lucky girl...your hair always looks good.