Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Special Day

This past Sunday, January 4th, 2009, we celebrated a special day for Mary Claire...Dedication Day. Now, being Southern Baptist, we don't christen our babies. But we do hold a short and sweet service(in true Baptist fashion) in which we commit as parents to raise our children in accordance to God's will. Several babies took part in the service including our good friends, the Carlisles. We continued the celebration with friends and family at our house after the service. It was a great day to be surrounded by friends and family whom we know will help us in praying for our precious children as they grow. Mrs. Peggy added such wonderful words of encouragement as we gathered to bless the food. I am so glad that she is such a dear friend to my mother and that she has been such a special part of the dedication days of each of our children. We love you, Mrs. Peggy!

Mary Claire loved the time spent with her family and friends! We kept the beautiful gown on as long as we could...until it was time for her food, and I didn't want to get anything on the gown Mimi had made for her. Mimi picked out the material and ribbons for the gown and Mimi's good friend, Mrs. Margaret Powell Boyd, spent many hours on making the gown. It is the most beautiful gown I have ever seen. A family treasure for many years to come! Thank you, Mrs. Margaret and Mimi!

A hug for Brock!

When most everyone had left and all that remained were some of my family members, my brother and his girlfriend handed us one of the most special gifts. It was a beautiful white hand embroidered bonnet with a card that explained that the bonnet would also serve as a hanky for Mary Claire's wedding day. Well, those who know me best know that that did it! The lump in my throat swelled and the tears started to flow. It was such a sweet gift! We will cherish it and I hope that one day she will carry it as beautiful bride.

What little girl wouldn't love a daddy like him?
(He's gonna need that hanky on her wedding day!)


kate said...

I hate I missed it. I know it was a wonderful ceremony. How did the song go? I still can't believe you sang.

Laura Dawson said...

We enjoyed being a part of Mary Claire's day...it was really sweet, and your song was was so touching!

Susan said...

How beautiful Mary Claire is! She looks like a little angel. We still need to get our boys together one day! They would enjoy each other's company! LOL!

Kirk and Emily said...

How sweet! I wish we had known and we would have come! I was just given a gift like that. It is a hanky that over 100 years old. A friend of my mom's gave it to me last week. It was her grandmothers and has been passed down. She wrote Ema a sweet message and wants her to use it on her wedding day! Mary Claire is beautiful and Jan looks like a very proud daddy!

Sarah said...

love that pix of mc and her daddy! and the dress is gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful dress! She looks like she is a daddy's girl!