Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our "Pete" and "Repeat"

As I was growing up, I often heard adults in my life use the term "Pete" and "Repeat" when describing how much two family members were similar in appearance. And now, it seems I have my own "Pete" and "Repeat" in John Owen and Mary Claire. Mary Claire is 8 months old today, and everyday I think she looks so much more like her big brother, John Owen. (She just has much more hair than he had!) When she is bathing and her hair is slicked back, it's almost as if I have been set back in time to over five years ago looking at a familiar little John Owen face once again.

It's interesting to me how genetics play out in God's creation of these little people He's given to me. And I love the fact that all of my children are so much like my husband either in looks or in personality. So, for Father's Day this past year, I wrote Jan a little poem, put the boys' handprints and Mary Claire's foot prints around the poem and stuck it in a frame. (Listen...it was 2 weeeks post c-section and there was no Father's Day shoppin' for this momma! I had to be creative and come up with something that I could do at home and for very little money!)In this poem, I expressed to my husband just how much I love the fact that all three of our children are so much like him! WARNING: You are about to be exposed to extreme Hensley "CHEESINESS" which may result in extreme boredom or nausea. Proceed with caution! (hehe)

Happy Father's Day 2008
Happy Father's Day to a very special Dad.
Without you these three blessings we would not have had.
First, there was John Owen,
Your very own "Mini-Me".
The "New Dad" hat you wore for weeks
As a proud papa you beamed!
Then God sent us Jonah Wade
Whom we gave your middle name.
He's got your personality,
But my looks all the same.
And now there's Mary Claire
Our little girl that God has given
With her beautiful head full of black hair
She is a true gift from Heaven.
I cherish that all three of them
In their own way are so much like you.
I love you more than ever before.
Happy Father's Day to you!

Oh, and look! I can't leave out "my" little monkey! It's funny to hear my mom comment on how much he reminds her of me when I was little. (Let me assure you...there will be a post about that "monkey suit" later!)


kate said...

you should try to post an 8 month pic of john owen for a side by side comparison. my memory tells me they are identical, but sure would be fun to see it :)

Christi said...

You know I love cheesy! I remember when you wrote this and how impressed I was. I don't think I would have had the energy at that point with a new baby and two small boys. It's gotta be a gift!

Kendra said...

Definitely a "pete and repeat!" And the monkey holding his beloved monkey? Adorable.