Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awesome Snow!

Well, I guess the "Let it Snow" chandelier has somewhat worked its "magic." (I told the children that this might be the "magic" we need to get some GOOD snow this year!) Hey, whatever works, right?
Wow! Nothing like waking up to a beautiful snowy morning. Although, truthfully, it was my children waking up to it since I was already awake and had just not looked out the window to see it until Jonah (bless his heart) came screaming with excitement, "Mommy, there's snow on the houses and street!" And then it REALLY started in! Big, beautiful snowflakes! I turned on the tv to see if we would need to continue with our morning ritual of school preparation...no such luck--schools were not being closed! We finished getting ready, took a few pictures of John Owen in the snow(since the weatherman correctly predicted the snow to be short-lived) and then slowly pulled the van out into the snow!
Of course we have to taste the snow!

I commented on how beautiful the snow was coming down all around us while John Owen said, "Yeah, it's COOL!" And then in true Jonah fashion, Jonah added, "It's AWESOME!" I simply said, "It is awesome." But next, my sweet Jonah said something that I was not expecting and will never forget..."God is awesome." I turned around, gave him a smile, and responded quietly, "God is awesome."
Thank you, God, for the awesome snow You sent today...for Jonah, John Owen and Mary Claire. Thank you for the gifts You give to us everyday. Thank you for the reminder that You are an AWESOME God!


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Laura Dawson said...

Glad you got to take snow pictures with your kids...i fear we will have no more snow and we will have no snow of 2009 pics!! You mys be a proud momma to hear your kid say something like that...

3 "A's" and a "B" said...

I didn't get pics but I got video. As soon as big A saw the snow, she kept yelling "we're gonna get to make snow angels!!!". In fact she threw on her coat and headed outside determined she was going to do it. Cute pics of the kiddos. Jonah is so sweet...they are learning so much about God at school.