Thursday, January 22, 2009

A First Time for Everything

No matter how old we may get in years, it still seems that there is always a FIRST time for everything. Take my 87-year-old grandmother, for instance, who just got her FIRST cell phone a few months ago, or me creating/publishing a website for the FIRST time. (Wait! Before you are overcome with being impressed by my accomplishment, let me assure you it was a "Create a Website for Dummies" type program.) But I learned some things about technology that I might (or might not) use in the future and helped my husband. He was very proud.

Anyhoo...Over the course of the last couple of weeks, my children have all experienced "FIRSTS" of their own kind. I will start with Mary Claire. (Hers are the most exciting!) She has officially outgrown the baby bathtub with her "long self," so it was moved to the attic. She is now enjoying bath time in her beautiful blue bath seat. She loves it! Here's a picture of her with her FIRST "Hensley Spike" hairdo! All the Hensley children enjoy this hairstyle very much, but Mary Claire gets to enjoy it much sooner than the boys did since she has SO MUCH HAIR!

Side View-for the full effect!

I cannot say that I discovered the FIRST tooth for Mary Claire for it was my mother who informed me that it was there. But I did discover the one next to it that seems to not want to be left behind as they both are in a race to be visible to others!My baby has TWO teeth! "Hey, Mr. Time! I thought I asked you nicely to slow down!" To top things off...she waved "Bye,Bye!" She's trying to say it, too. It just comes out..."Da,Da." She said it to one of her daddy's employees while we were visiting at his office. (I think she was urging him to get back to work. That girl is just like her daddy!hehe)

Jonah came down with his FIRST case of strep, and it was B-A-D! Delirious with fever he was! And we were up almost all night with him. He quickly bounced back, but the ear infection that went with it is still healing!

John Owen played in his FIRST organized basketball game last Saturday! And to top things off, he even scored a foul shot for the team! Jan was in charge of taking pictures since I'm coaching the team, and well...let's just say I'll have to post some pictures later.:-)John Owen also played his FIRST game of pinball on a real pinball machine at his Great-Grandaddy's old grocery store in Garland. He stayed on that thing almost the whole time we were there. I love this picture of him!
What to do on a frigid and sick day? Make a tent and camp out-INDOORS!

And then there was the makeshift tent! While home sick and since John Owen came down with strep the day after Jonah did, we filled our days with fun things inside the house like making a tent with quilts and the kitchen barstools. Now, making a tent is not a FIRST, but taking a nap in the tent IS! I allowed the boys to take their FIRST nap together in there for a full camping out effect, and eventhough it was an unordinarily SHORT nap, they enjoyed it very much!


Amy said...

I am loving the mohawk! She is a cutie. Also, I hope Jonah is feeling better. Lastly, the picture of John Owen on the pinball machine. I am assuming that is Dadddy Pete's store? Oh how I miss that store. Everyday, I would make my way via bicycle or the back of my grandaddy's truck to Daddy Petes just for a push-up or fudge bar. I miss it, and seeing all of those old men gathering on that dusty wooden porch. I makes me sad.

The Howard 5 said...

cute, you need to write a book, your post are so good!

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! I love the hair! Poor boys, hope you all are healthy now!