Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother!

Yesterday was a much celebrated day. It wasn't JUST Thanksgiving with turkey and my mom's dressing and all of the other good food we were blessed to have on our table, but it was also my younger brother's 28th birthday! Happy Birthday, Christopher! That "turkey" was born on Thanksgiving Day 28 years ago...sorry, I couldn't resist that one! :-)

Now, it wouldn't be like me to not say something about the only sibling I have had in life, so here it goes...
What comes to mind when I think of Christopher (AKA "Bubba")? I don't think he prefers being called that, but my boys enjoy it! hehe
Well, I think about his talent for singing. I will always cherish the memories of my childhood that I have of us putting on "shows" and singing along to songs by artists such as The Temptations, The Beatles, Three Dog Night, and many more! He was quite the entertainer and loved being in the spotlight. He always took the spotlight which was ok with me being that I lacked the level of confidence and bravery he seemed to have.
And this would probably embarass him, but I think about how so many girls' faces would look when they would say, "You're Chris Phillips's sister?!" Like he was famous or something! (Whatever! was what I thought then...Now, I think a little differently about it.) I am proud that he was given such talent encased in such handsomeness.
I think about his athletic ability and how his abilities seemed to come so naturally for him. I am thankful that he was a good catcher for the many pitches I attempted to throw when practicing my softball. I will always have the pictures in my mind of us throwing ball in the front yard of the old house.
I have many good memories of time spent with my "little" brother and I could go on for days writing about them. I wouldn't change a thing about them. I hope that I was a good sister. Yeah, he got on my nerves his fair share of times, and I am sure I returned the favor my share of times, too. Funny, though, I can't seem to ever remember deeply wishing for a sister, so that must account for the happiness I have from being Christopher's big sister.
Happy Birthday, Christopher! I hope and pray that you will always find happiness and that the Lord will watch over your every step in life. I know He has great things planned for you, Bubba. And I am here if you ever need me, or if in the future you ever find worth in my advice, I'd be happy to share what little I have learned about life with you. Always remember that you have a sister who loves you, no matter if we agree or disagree about life and how it should be lived. Hope you had a great day! Love, " 'Cole "

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~~Kerri~~ said...

I love this post.... Ye sI love to bowl... Friday night was good for Brian and I both to get out since our news on Mikel Ann... However I cant say I beat Brian but it is usually a one frame game!!! ;-)