Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brave Little Indians...and Pilgrim!

Yesterday was the boys' Thanksgiving Feast and Pow-Wow at their school. I was looking forward to it very much because believe it or not, they still use the same song and dance they used when I was in the same preschool. It's a great song...I guess some things are meant to last!

I arrived at the preschool later than I would have liked to have been being that I was slightly detained by a hungry baby sister...hehe, but got there in time to turn the camera on and start filming. Some kind soul let me squeeze through to the front row of the crowd, and I sat on the floor so as not to block the others with my not-so-petite frame! I immediately spotted John Owen with his class dancing around the tee-pee, and I thought his class did a spectacular job! My brave little indian!

I held the camera aside for a second and scanned the crowd of "indians and pilgrims" for Jonah and his class. And there they were...boy and girl pilgrims crowded around a tee-pee doing their very three-year-old best to follow the song. I noticed after a few seconds that when my energetic Jonah stopped circling the tee-pee, he would look out at the small crowd watching. And the "Mommy instinct" in me KNEW he was looking for me. I had told him I was coming to watch him, and that child doesn't forget a thing!

I purposely filmed his expression as he scanned the crowd for my face. His expression was almost fearful, and I wanted to scream out, "Here I am, Jonah! Mommy's HERE!" I waved my hand once, but he did not see me. After a few more seconds and as the song neared its end, he stopped circling and again looked at the crowd. I was able to capture the very moment that he spotted me. I watched as the expression on his face turned from scared to confidence and excitement. It was priceless! My brave little pilgrim.

And here's the thought process that followed: It's funny how knowing that the ones who love you are there for you and knowing this can bring you such bravery and help you through the times when you are scared and nervous. (A thought that can be applied to alot of situations in life!) And like I was desperately wanting Jonah to know I was there, God wants us to know He is there, too. I can just imagine Him waving His hand and saying,"I am here, child!" We all need THAT reassurance.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for life, the loved ones who have been there, and thankful to and for the Lord and His presence in good times and in bad. I pray that everyone would know His presence when they are faced with situations that bring them fear. My mind is so full of friends and family who I know are facing fearful situations of all kinds today. I am praying for all of you. I enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving as I thank God for the things He has brought me and my family through. I hope everyone reading this, and even those who may not read it, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Nicole

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Kirk and Emily said...

Oh Nicole - I needed that so much. Being in Vietnam & getting Ema is very scary. You don't know how many times I have sat on the bed and cried because she is crying and attached to me so bad. She will not allow Kirk to hold her so hours and hours of holding, rocking,feeding, holding, rocking feeding makes you worn out by the end of the day. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Kirk and I are trying to remember that our God in Tennessee is the same God in Vietnam and he hears our every prayer. Reading your blog made me picture God waving his hands when I am tried and upset saying I am here, trust in me.