Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Momma,

Well, it's beginning to look alot like Christmas around my house! Is it just me, or does Christmas seem to start earlier every year? I don't think I have ever started this early putting Christmas decorations out! But because I gave in to putting our house on the Tour of Homes this year, I have to get decorated by Dec. 7th! I think I have lost my mind! Last year, they asked me to do the tour, but my expectant body was too tired as it was, so I sent them to Laura! hehe (Her house looked beautiful by the way!)

I kind of thought they wouldn't ask me again...but they did! So, I decided to not turn them down two years in a row. I gave in...but only after calling my momma and asking for her help. I think my exact words were, "Momma, I CAN'T do this unless you help me." And like the wonderful mother she is and has always been, she agreed! So, she has been working like a mad woman at my house for the last week or so. (I have to give her all of the credit because I feel like I haven't done much of anything except give approval or lift something here and there!) So, today as I looked around the house at the beautiful decorating she has done, I thought about some things I would say to her...

Dear Momma,
I don't know where to start. The small words of gratitude I have could never measure up to the deep thankfulness that I have in my heart for everything you have done and do for me. I guess I knew that you would help me with my house when I called you and asked you to. Because you have always been there to help me when I needed it most. I appreciate so much that you have allowed me to use your decorations from your own house because you understand that I don't have the money to buy new things since I am not working this year. I know you understand this because you, too, made the sacrifice to stay at home with me when I was little and live on one household income. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made for me. You have taught me through your example how to make sacrifices for my children, and I see through your lasting marriage to my daddy how a husband and wife must be willing to make sacrifices for each other. Sacrifices that are not always fun, but are necessary in making a loving marriage work.

I am thankful to have such a talented mom who can take something from a picture in a book or magazine and make it just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, on a table. I smile when I think of my wedding and how you and Aunt Dinah, Aunt Becky, and many of your good friends worked so hard to make everything so beautiful. I wish that I had the talent you have, but as it seems to be, God gave me different talents. Where you can sew anything perfectly, I would end up with a potato sack. Your smocking could be featured in magazines, and mine...well, let's just say I'm better off buying it! And eventhough we might excel in different talents, I am overwhelmingly proud of our similarities. (Because there are some ways we are alike!) I think we are similar mothers to our children. Our sleeping practices for our children may be different :-), but our love as a mother is still the same. Someone was watching me at the Harvest party with Jonah the other day, and stopped me and said," You even move like your mother." And I had to laugh! Thank you for giving me your moves, I guess! Coach Lawler always said I was fast on my feet and a good hustler and I know I get that from you! If people only knew how many times I heard, "Keep up!" as we went for walks in the neighborhood. Thank you for always being a Christian example of a mother. And as hard as it is for me to say this, thank you for disciplining me and never giving up on me. I thank you for loving Jan as if he were your son, too. He may roll his eyes in disgust at the things we do to the house, but he loves the person you are! And he is thankful for the things you have done to help us, too! I could go on and on about the many other things that I am thankful for, but let me just end this with saying, "Thank you for being my momma."
I love you,


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Christi said...

It's funny to read this and think about how far we've come. How much we can now appreciate not only what our parents have done for us, but WHO they are. I, too, have great admiration for my mother. Let's hope that we can reflect some of the virtues of our own mothers and that our children will have similar thoughts of us one day. :)

Georgia said...

I loved your letter to your mom. I feel that I should stop now and call my mom. I do not tell her enough how thankful I am to have her in my life.