Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Tradition?

As part of our decoration for the upcoming Tour of Homes (which by the way, I am SO ready to be overwith), we bought a gingerbread house kit. This is something new for the Hensley family, and let me just say that we enjoyed it so much that I think it'll be a tradition from now on. Or at least until my kids think they are too big for it, and then I'll probably enjoy doing it just to bring back the memories of a day when their little faces beamed with excitement about putting candy on an iced rooftop. Secretly, I hope they never think they are too big for it!

John Owen showed true skill (with a little guidance from Mom) at placing the candies in the perfect places! Know where Jonah thought was the perfect place for those candies? IN HIS MOUTH!! :-) He was so funny! I burst out laughing once when he thought I wasn't paying attention because I was "in the zone" and piping that icing with intent focus! With my "Mommy Vision" I spotted a little hand trying to sneak a piece of candy away from the pile of candies on the table, and I firmly said, "Jonah, don't even think about it." He laughed, which in turn, caused me to deeply laugh out loud, and John Owen said, "A little person makin' a grown person laugh!"

Jonah tryin' to decide which piece he's going for!

Mouth open to show me he did not eat any! :-)

It was FUN! Call it fate if you please, but I found three little gingerbread candies in the pantry that are supposed to go on top of cupcakes and told them we would add them. And we would call them "John Owen", "Jonah" and "Mary Claire". Jonah liked that! So here it is (minus the gingerbread "people"...I haven't put them on yet.) Now, if I can just keep little hands off for a little bit longer...


Christi said...

Way to go! It looks way better than ours. You'll have to check out our pics.

Kendra said...

That's just gotta love Jonah!