Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Light My Fire

C'mon baby light my fire PIT, that is! Jan and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving Day, and our gift to each other was a fire pit! Jan had been admiring these for a while and wanted one for our "middle of the city" backyard. "Hmm...I don't know, Jan. What kind would you want?" (Me kinda thinkin the "oh so close" neighbors might fuss...) "It would be a way to extend our outside time," he said. ( thinkin it through again!) :-) "We could roast marshmallows," he added. SOLD me on it right then and there! Seriously, I really like it! And the boys...they LOVE it! We roasted marshmallows the night before Thanksgiving, and it was great FUN! So, friends are welcome anytime to come over to roast weiners and marshmallows. And Rob, no need to build a bonfire! We got your "citified" bonfire waitin' on ya!

This is the "I Make Fire" dance performed by the native children

Jonah warming his hands by the fire!

Funny story about the firepit...this past Sunday we hosted the CHS Baseball Tour of Homes, and Jan decided to light his firepit for the occasion. I came into the living room as people were starting through the house only to find that smoke from the firepit was filling my living room!! Needless to say, I tried to make sure the back door did not get opened very much after that! I thought it added a nice touch! :-)


kate said...

Sign us up! We love a good marshmellow roasting any time of year!

Elizabeth said...

I have been trying to get Kevin to get us a fire pit too but he asked what will we do with it. I will have to show him your post. And the boys having fun! By the way, I can not believe you all have been married 9 years! Congrats!