Monday, September 22, 2008

We've Been "Hulked"!

Last night as we were just about to put the boys in the bed, when we discovered a large man lying out on our front lawn! (My mom actually spotted it as she was leaving our house.) Turns out, it was a purple and gold "Hulk," left by the CHS Class of 2012! (I am not surprised...they were smart and creative in my fifth grade classroom, too!) :-) Anyway, there was a note on the "Hulk's" chest that said, "You have been hulked!" And in order to get the "Hulk" off of your lawn, you have to make a monetary donation to the freshmen class! Neat idea, huh? I called the number written on the piece of paper as my boys and neighbors from across the street laughed and looked on with amazement! He was still there this morning when we got up, and John Owen said, "That big ole' Hulk is still out there, Mommy." I guess we'll be paying the money to have him removed sometime today. One more thing...the note also said that we could donate extra money to have the "Hulk" sent to someone else's yard!! on the lookout all you friends out there! You just might get "Hulked" next! :-)

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