Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mr. Coy and the Train Depot

Today was haircut day! I packed a lunch with fruit and pimento cheese sandwiches(a Diet Coke for Mr. Coy), picked the boys up from preschool a few minutes early, and we drove to the Depot. We have been going to Mr. Coy's train depot to get our haircuts since John Owen's first haircut at the age of 1. (And I have to make mention that Mr. Coy gave Mommy her first haircut, too. He just didn't have a COOL train depot back then!) My boys love it! What little boy wouldn't want to get his hair cut at a place where real trains come by and the whole place shakes as they pass? And where you can step onto a real caboose! It makes me happy to see them so happy with excitement. So, as you can imagine, it's not just a haircut you are getting, it's an experience! Here's a picture of the Depot and my boys on the caboose! (By the way, John Owen is wearing his new Batman costume he will be wearing for Halloween. There are just some battles we choose not to fight! :-) I did ask him to take the mask off for one picture, though!)

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kate said...

Just wait until Mary Claire starts picking out her own clothes. Little girls are born with very strong opinions on their clothes. It will be the ballerina tutu in the dead of winter! My girls love the Depot, too! They get so excited when we go see Mrs. Sonya!