Friday, September 26, 2008

Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah!

You know the's ok to sing along! :-) Well, no one named "Dinah" actually lives here(although, I do have a wonderful Aunt Dinah)'s just that that corny song sticks in my mind when I think about cooking in the kitchen! And since John Owen has decided he is a chef-in-training(inspired by his "Ratatouille" video game), we've been spending alot of time in our kitchen. I had to make myself relinquish control of the situation as my 5-year-old son poured and mixed on his own. I held my breath several times! I helped him very little, though, I am proud to say.

Even when a little flour and sugar hit the floor, I bit my tongue and said only,"OK, John Owen, a chef will try to be as careful as he can not to make too big of a mess!" He did great! He has now baked a chocolate pie and a peach cobbler! (I personally like the peach cobbler the best.) And he is sooo proud of himself.
I love what a big boy he is becoming. I even love that he is so much like his daddy that he turned to me after making the cobbler and said, "We could have a restaurant here and sell our chocolate pie and peach cobbler!" My little entrepreneur!
Just hold on, John Owen. Be my sweet little boy for now...there'll be time for making money later. Let's go bake some cookies, and I'll let you eat the batter. :-) love, mommy

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Amy said...

The next time John Owen makes a few goodies, remind him that "meme" (as all of the kids know me) lives just across the way! Yummy!!!!!